Walnut Halwa Recipe: Make Walnut Halwa Sweet to Everyone’s Mouth


Walnut Halwa Or Akhrot Halwa Recipe: Who doesn’t like sweet food? Many people’s mouth starts watering as soon as they hear the name of the sweet. In such a situation, it is better to make delicious walnut pudding at home than to bring a sweet dish from the market. Be it a happy occasion or a modest day, you can make it very easily. If you are learning to cook, then sweeten everyone’s mouth by making this dish. Surely everyone will be happy after tasting it. If guests are coming to your house, then you make this pudding for them, everyone will start asking how to make it. Know the recipe of making Walnut Halwa

nut pudding ingredients

– 1 cup Walnut
– Half a cup of sugar or sugar
– tsp cardamom powder
– Half a small cup of milk

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How to make Walnut Halwa
To make walnut pudding, first soak walnuts in hot water for 20 minutes. After this, drain the water from the walnuts. Now grind the walnuts coarsely in a mixer. Now fry the ground walnuts in a pan. Now add milk to it and add sugar. After that add cardamom powder to it. Add saffron to it. Now cook it on medium flame for 10 minutes. Keep running it continuously.

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If you want, you can also grind cashew nuts in it. After this, add finely chopped cashews and almonds on top of it. If you want, you can also decorate rose leaves on it. You can also put melon seeds on it to make it more tasty.

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