5 Cocoa Powder Options For Your Baking Needs

5 Cocoa Powder Options For Your Baking Needs

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Who doesn’t love chocolate? Eating a delicious chocolatey dessert can really brighten up your day and uplift your mood! Whether you want to make yourself a creamy bar of chocolate or you want to snack on a gooey piece of brownie, every good chocolatey dessert needs a very important ingredient, cocoa powder! Cocoa powder is made from roasting and processing cacao beans, and it is rich in antioxidants. Now you might be thinking, how much cocoa is too much? It all depends on the recipe and the quality of cocoa powder you use. Therefore, we have curated a list of the best cocoa powder options that will help you bake a delicious chocolate cake.

Here Are 5 Cocoa Powder Options:

1.Urban Platter Natural Cocoa Powder

Urban Platter’s unsweetened cocoa powder is made of naturally non-alkalized powder. This cocoa powder is made from Indian Cocoa powder that is processed in a state-of-art facility. It is ideal to make cookies, cakes, chocolates or even granola bars.

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2.Sorich Organics Cocoa Powder

Sorich Organic’s dark cocoa powder is known for being full of antioxidants and rich in flavonoids. It is full of nutrients like magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and omega 6 fatty acids. These components make this cocoa powder a healthy ingredient for your body and mind. It is vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

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3.Cadbury Cocoa Powder

Cadbury’s cocoa powder is deemed to be made from the finest cocoa beans. This cocoa powder is perfect for enjoying hot chocolate. You can even use it in several other chocolate-based recipes. It offers rich and chocolatey flavours that would uplift your moods.

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4.Bliss of Earth Cocoa Powder

Bliss of Earth’s cocoa powder offers a rich taste and bold chocolate flavour without sugar or any other additives. This powder is made of naturally organic dark cocoa, giving rich and aromatic flavours. This cocoa powder is full of antioxidants.

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5.Hershey’s Cocoa Powder

Hershey’s cocoa powder is rich in antioxidants and includes no added preservatives. This pack is unsweetened and can be used to prepare the mousse, hot chocolate, truffles and several other gourmet recipes.

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