7 times higher risk of heart disease by age 45, even after cancer recovery – Study

7 times higher risk of heart disease by age 45, even after cancer recovery - Study

Being cured of Cancer is not Enough : It is not enough to be cured of the deadly disease cancer. Even after this, many types of problems remain regarding health. Scientists from the University of London have found in a new research that children recovering from cancer have a higher risk of falling ill with increasing age. This risk also depends on the type of cancer and the method of treatment. In ‘The Lancet Regional Health – Europe Journal’ published According to this study, people who have recovered from cancer in childhood are more likely to visit the hospital due to diseases related to the heart and arteries by the age of 45 than the general population. The risk is 7 times higher. It was also found in this study that such people need more medical care due to infection, immune system disturbances and cancer again.

In this study, regarding the risk associated with the method of treatment of cancer, it was found that those who were treated with both chemotherapy and radiotherapy, their health was more affected later, while only after the patients who were cured of surgery. The risk of getting sick was low.

Low risk in surgical treatment
For example, people who were treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy had to be hospitalized twice as often as those who recovered from surgery by age 45. Not only this, by this age he had to make seven times more hospital visits due to cardiovascular problems. They also had a higher risk of developing rapidly spreading cancer again.

what the experts say
Alvina Lai, a scientist at the UCL Institute of Health Informatics and senior author of this study, said, ’80 percent of children and young people survive if cancer is diagnosed at the right time, but Due to the treatment method of cancer, they need special health care even later. In our study, for the first time, a complete blueprint has been prepared about the health problems faced by people with childhood cancer with increasing age. Therefore, families whose children are suffering from cancer should also keep in mind the future health concerns regarding the method of treatment. Awareness about this is necessary. We hope that further research will focus on reducing the long-term side effects of cancer therapy.

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nature of study
During this study, researchers examined the data of 3,466 people suffering from cancer under the age of 25 in England. These people lived for at least five years after recovering from cancer. These were compared with data from 13,517 people in the control group (those who did not get cancer). People of both the groups had similarity in age and social standing. Their data was collected between 1998 and 2020.

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Conclusion of the study
The conclusion of this study found that people who recovered from cancer who suffered from cardiovascular disease lost an average of 10 years more life than people in the control group. Similarly, older patients with cancer who had immune system and infectious diseases had a greater loss of life on average by 6.7 years. Whereas on the rise of cancer again, there was a loss of life of 11 years on average.

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