Abroma Augusta: Drinking the decoction of inverted blanket removes all kinds of severe pain, know the benefits of flowers from Ayurveda expert

Abroma Augusta: Drinking the decoction of inverted blanket removes all kinds of severe pain, know the benefits of flowers from Ayurveda expert

There are many such trees and plants in the environment around us, about which we are not fully aware. Today we are giving you information about another medicinal plant. Actually, here we are talking about Ultakambal plant which is an Ayurvedic herb to eliminate many problems. Ultakambal is a type of plant whose medicinal benefits are hardly known to anyone. Even though the name of this tree sounds strange to you, but in reality it is beneficial for our health in many ways. When we talked to Ayurvedic doctor about this tree, he told it beneficial in many ways. Let us know in detail about this medicine…

Why was the name Ultakambal named?

Bangalore-based Ayurveda Vaidya Dr. Sharad Kulkarni MS (Ayu),(Ph.D.) told that any kind of pain can be relieved through UltalaKambala. This plant is known in Sanskrit as Pishchacarpas and Devil’s cotton in English while Abroma augusta in botanicals.

The fruits of this plant are black in color and the flowers are maroon-purple. There is a story behind the name of this plant as well. It is said that when the flower of this tree falls on the ground, it turns upside down towards the sky and this is the reason why it is known as Ultakambal. Many types of medicines are prepared in Ayurveda and Homeopathy through this plant.

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get rid of period pain

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According to experts, for women who have any problem related to their period, Ultalkambal is a panacea for them. For this, boil the bark of Ultakambal in water and then filter it and drink it. Not only does this get rid of severe pain in the period, but it is also beneficial for those who do not get regular periods. For taste, you can add black pepper, ginger or even honey to the decoction of Ultakambal.

Migraine and headache relief

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As we have already told you by quoting Dr. that Ultalkambal is a panacea for all kinds of pain. It can also reduce the sharp pain of headache or migraine. When you are a victim of sharp haddeck, apply the juice of Ultakambal flower on your head. After grinding the flower, extract its juice and applying its paste on the forehead, it reduces the pain. Apart from this, if you have swelling or allergies in any part of the body, then applying the juice of Ultakambala flower gives relief.

Inverted blanket to give relief in back pain

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Ayurvedic Dr. says that people who are suffering from back pain, they can get relief through its bark. Ultalkambal has anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in reducing pain. For this, you take a decoction of its bark. Apart from this, even if you apply the juice of the flower of Ultakambal to the pain, you will get relief from the back pan.

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Relieves joint pain

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You can use a reverse blanket to relieve arthritis ie joint pain. To relieve pain, if you want, drink its decoction or boil its dry bark in water and drink it after filtering it. This will give instant relief in pain.


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