ADVT: A 2-year-old innocent is fighting a deadly disease, life will be saved with your help

ADVT: A 2-year-old innocent is fighting a deadly disease, life will be saved with your help

Think of a mother whose 2-year-old son is battling for life every day! A mother, who is the sole breadwinner in the family, is fighting for her son’s life. Symptoms such as high fever, sudden weight loss and lack of energy to move were the first signs of feeling the deteriorating health of the 2-year-old son. Meet Poojan, who is suffering from cancer and needs support to come out of it strong.

Pooja’s mother, after learning about her son’s condition, said, “When I first heard about the diagnosis, I refused to believe it. How could the child die? He was only 2 years old!” However, the doctor consoled Poojan’s mother and gave her a news she could not believe. The doctors told her that Pujan needed a transplant and only immediate medical attention. She can cure her son from cancer.

Masoom’s mother Ashwini added, “But before we could feel any relief, we asked how much it would cost, and the doctor said Rs 20 lakh ($27186.48). My heart was blown away. There is no way I can collect that much amount.”

Unfortunately, Pujan’s father is suffering from polio and is disabled, while his mother works as a laborer to support the family. Many families were going through financial crunch due to the pandemic, Poojan’s family also faced layoffs, and this affected their financial condition.

The victim’s mother said, “We were forced to borrow money from our family to get our son treated. For months now, Poojan has painfully endured the pain of cancer treatment. Every time Pooja groaned in pain, I felt unbearable guilt that I could not help my son. I had no way of easing his pain.


Asking for help, Ashwini said, “Our family is not rich, but we have always been happy with what we had. Now it seems cruel that our son may die because we have no money. Please, help us.” Do it. My son is my whole world.

Pujan still needs months of treatment to come out of the deadly cancer, and with no money, her mother needs your support. Pooja’s family needs support, and you can help ease their pain and hardships by helping them with your valuable contribution. 20 lakh rupees ($27186.48) will be spent on the treatment of the worship. This is a huge amount for Ashwini and her family. Please consider donating to Pooja to help fight cancer. The amount raised will be used to cover the cost of his treatment alone. Your kindness is the only chance he has. Help this little life, donate now to save the worship.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Keto by the Spotlight team at Times Internet.


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