Amidst Raj Kundra’s confusion, Shilpa Shetty resorted to yoga, told how yoga can make a powerful ‘warrior’

Amidst Raj Kundra's confusion, Shilpa Shetty resorted to yoga, told how yoga can make a powerful 'warrior'

Bollywood actress and fitness mentor Shilpa Shetty is going through a difficult phase these days with business husband Raj Kundra. Shilpa’s husband has been in jail for the last one month and now the actress is called for questioning every day. After Kundra’s arrest, Shilpa did not leave the house for several days and did not even reach the shooting.

However, now she is back in her routine. Recently she was seen on the sets and now she is inspiring millions of people with her fitness workouts. Recently she shared a video in which she is seen doing yoga. In this post, he also told the benefits of this pranayama. Let’s know in detail…

Shilpa turning positive through yoga

Sharing the post, Shilpa Shetty wrote in the caption, Whether I go through any phase in life, whether I am high or law, good or bad, then I focus only on yoga. It’s the best way for me to stay positive, focused and balanced. One of the most calming yet energetic routines is ‘Virabhadrasana, Malasana and Dynamic Hip Opening’.

There are innumerable benefits of including these yoga asanas in your routine. In the post, Shilpa has written a line that touches everyone’s heart, she is her own warrior and will fight her own battle strongly.

Watch Shilpa’s yoga in the video

Benefits of Virabhadrasana

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To become positive and powerful, Shilpa seems to be doing Virabhadrasana which mainly works on your lower back muscles, hips and legs. Talking about the benefits of Virabhadrasana, Shilpa said, “Virabhadrasana helps to strengthen and stretch the muscles of the thighs, calves, ankles, arms, shoulders and back. It also improves body posture, focus, balance, stability, and is great for circulation. Apart from this, it also brings grace and beauty to your face.

benefits of malasana

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Talking about the benefits of Malasana, Shilpa Shetty said, ‘Malasana opens up your hips and waist, stretches your ankles, hamstrings, back and neck. It also helps in improving digestion and improving posture. Malasana helps in regulating blood circulation and blood flow around the waist.

how to do malasana

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  • Stand on a yoga mat with your legs extended.
  • Bend your knees and lower your back into a squat position.
  • Bend your elbows to bring the palms together.
  • Bring your arms inside your knees to press the elbows in toward your inner knees.
  • Keep your spine straight, neck straight and shoulders relaxed.
  • Stay in this posture for 4-5 breathings and then relax.

How to do Virbhadra Asana

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  • Stand up straight on your yoga match and spread your feet a few feet apart. Your right leg should be in front while your left leg should be behind.
  • Turn the right foot out 90 degrees and make sure the heel of the right foot is fully aligned with the center of the left foot.
  • Raise your arms until they reach the height of your shoulders. Your arms should be parallel to the ground, and your palms should be facing up.
  • Now exhale and bend your right knee towards your ankle and make sure that your knee does not go beyond your ankle.
  • Extend your arms forward and join your palms above your head. Look up at your palms. Take a deep breath and let it out. Repeat this process over and over again.


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