Amidst the threat of Omicron, WHO’s advice to the wedding-party attendees will be repented otherwise

Amidst the threat of Omicron, WHO's advice to the wedding-party attendees will be repented otherwise

Those who come positive twice are at higher risk of re-infection

This worrying statement comes at a time when everyone is in a festive mood. With Christmas and New Year approaching, people almost gave up worrying about getting infected with Corona. But after the statement of being re-infected with the Omicron variant, especially those who had been previously infected with the virus and have recovered, their fear will increase again.

A review was conducted of a study in South Africa. In this, 2,796,982 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed. All these cases are 90 days before November 27. He said that any person who tested positive again 90 days after his first positive test was more likely to be infected again.

Do not take these symptoms of Omicron variant lightly, these people can also fall easily

Currently the vaccine is the safest

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If you have had covid before, it is important that you get the vaccine at any cost. Experts have advised recovering patients to have at least three months of recovery after a negative test to get the vaccine shots. It is a matter of relief that the chances of hospitalization in people who have been vaccinated are less compared to those who do not get vaccinated.

Keep wearing a mask even in the wedding party

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Enjoying festivals and holidays does not mean that we should become irresponsible and careless towards it. Especially when it comes to Covid-19, we should be more alert and follow all the protocols.

that is the best and safest way Wear a mask even in a wedding-party environment. By doing this, not only can you protect yourself from the virus, but you can also prevent the virus from spreading to other person. Then whether you have been vaccinated or not, keep wearing a mask. This is very important when you are in a crowded place.

Experts told how to be prepared for bad times, what precautions should be taken to protect from Omicron

Social distancing is necessary

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In house parties or going to crowded places should be avoided amidst the danger of Omicron. Social interaction is not good right now. Keep social distancing and avoid going out anywhere. Even if you are going out, it is very important to maintain cleanliness, wear a mask and keep distance from people.

Boost immunity with healthy foods

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Healthy and nutritious foods should be eaten for good health. Foods rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals not only keep your stomach healthy, but also keep the immune system healthy. Drink plenty of water even in winter. This will keep you hydrated and feel full of energy.

Hope you will heed the warnings and suggestions given by WHO and fulfill your responsibility to stop the spread of Omicron in India.

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Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.


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