Ayurvedic Tips: According to Ayurveda, roti should be cooked on an earthen pan, it is okay from gas to piles.

Ayurvedic Tips: According to Ayurveda, roti should be cooked on an earthen pan, it is okay from gas to piles.

With the passage of time there have been many changes in our habits. Now see here itself, earlier people used to bake roti on earthen pan, but gradually steel, aluminum, iron and now non-stick pan is being used. Metal pans may be beneficial in terms of saving time, but remember, it is spoiling your health. It is better that you start baking bread on an earthen pan. This is a very healthy way to stay away from diseases forever.

According to Ayurveda, eating food cooked in an earthen pot keeps a person away from many diseases. Food cooked in earthen pots is not only delicious, but the food is also 100% nutritious. Cooking in these utensils does not destroy its nutrients. Apart from this, eating roti cooked on an earthen pan not only keeps your digestion healthy, but you can also stay away from many diseases. So let’s know more such benefits, which are obtained by cooking bread on an earthen pan.
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Relief in constipation

Incorrect eating habits are becoming the cause of constipation for people nowadays. To get relief from this problem, include roti cooked on an earthen pan in your diet.

In these 6 rules of Ayurveda, there is a solution to the problem of intestine and stomach, pay special attention to these things while eating

get rid of gas

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Working for hours in one place causes gas problem in most of the people. If you are also struggling with this problem, then cook the roti on an earthen griddle instead of an iron or non-stick griddle. You will get relief from the problem of stomach gas very soon.

give relief in piles

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Many types of foods are forbidden to eat due to piles. In such a situation, if you eat roti cooked on an earthen pan, then you will get a lot of relief in piles.

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cure diseases

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Roti cooked on an earthen pan absorbs the nutrients of the soil and the nutritional value of the roti increases manifold. The protein present in it also helps in protecting against diseases.

Ayurvedic doctor’s advice, do not forget to eat curd with these 6 things, otherwise there will be loss instead of benefits

Why is a clay griddle different from other griddles?

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According to experts, roasting bread on an earthen pan does not destroy any of its nutrients. Whereas, 87 percent of the nutrients are destroyed by cooking roti in aluminum utensils, 7 percent on brass pan and 3 percent on bronze pan. 100% of the nutrients are present only in food made in earthen pots.

Actually, all the nutrients found in the soil are absorbed in the roti, which does not destroy the properties of wheat flour. Rather, they help to protect you from many diseases.

keep these things in mind

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  1. Never roast roti on an earthen pan on high flame. Doing so may cause your griddle to burst or crack.
  2. Before using this pan, water should be applied on it.
  3. After use, let the pan come to room temperature and soak it in water for a while.
  4. Earthen pots should never be washed with soap. By doing this it will absorb the soap.
  5. Use only a clean cloth to clean the earthen pan.

The busyness in the changing lifestyle is so much that no one has time to make roti slowly. But looking at your health, eat roti cooked on an earthen pan once a week. With this, you will not be able to keep yourself but the whole family safe.


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