Bizarre Or Interesting? Food Blogger Finds Pani Puri That Catches Fire

Bizarre Or Interesting? Food Blogger Finds Pani Puri That Catches Fire

Pani Puri is one street food that all Indians, across the age divide, like unconditionally. There is absolutely no substitute for this street delight that simply vanishes inside the mouth. Known by its different names like phuchka, gupchup and golgappa, it is a small, round-shaped, crispy ball that carries various spices and tangy water. But a food blogger has found a new variety of it and shared a video of it on Instagram. This pani puri in Ahmedabad oozes flames. Though it sounds weird, this street vendor has finally proved that no pani puri could be more “fiery” than this.

The video shows a delicious puri filled with stuffings. And, then the street vendor lit it up. He then puts it in the mouth of his customer, who, at first, appears hesitant but allows him to put the puri in his mouth.

Check the video:

If you wish to try this “fiery” pani puri, you need to visit Ahmedabad. But if the talk of pani puri made you crave it, you can make it at the comfort of your home. No, this homemade pani puri will not catch fire and is absolutely safe and delicious to eat.

While the puri is made of atta or suji, the stuffing can be of boiled and mashed potato, chickpeas, paneer etc. You can also add sweet or spicy chutneys for a tongue-tickling experience. The water is prepared with tamarind, jaggery and mint. Here’s the recipe.

If you are in the mood to experiment and try new things, you can give the recipe a pineapple twist. In this recipe, the crispy puris will follow the same procedure but the you will get a fruity makeover.


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