Breakfast foods: Eat these 4 superfoods in breakfast with diabetes, there will be no fear of increasing blood sugar

Breakfast foods: Eat these 4 superfoods in breakfast with diabetes, there will be no fear of increasing blood sugar

World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year on 14 November with the aim of spreading awareness among people about diabetes. Diabetes is a condition for which there is no cure even today. If the blood sugar level is not under control, it can become more serious over time. When it comes to the diagnosis of diabetes, type 2 diabetes is a condition that has affected people globally. If it is not managed on time, it can be life threatening.

Several studies have shown that eating breakfast can help manage blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance. However, apart from knowing the right time to eat, you should also know what to eat for breakfast to reduce blood sugar level. Today, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, we are telling you about 4 healthy breakfast options that can help reduce blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.

People with type 2 diabetes should take low carb diet

Experts say that in the case of type 2 diabetes, the patient’s body’s ability to break down glucose into energy is almost lost and the blood sugar level rises. Experts recommend consuming a low-carbohydrate diet to manage type 2 diabetes from the start. A diet that is especially rich in proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and other healthy micronutrients.

Opt for Multi Grain Toast

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People in many countries and cultures prefer to eat toast for breakfast. Whereas the amount of sugar in it is very high. That’s why experts recommend choosing toast with multigrain and whole grain varieties. According to her, you can top these with peanut butter, jam and sweet spreads.

eat eggs

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Being an excellent source of protein and healthy fat, eggs are one of the best breakfast options for type 2 diabetes patients. According to a study published in The British Medical Journal, eating a high protein breakfast improves blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Healthy breakfast for type 2 patients


eat oats

Oats are a healthy and most recommended breakfast by doctors for type 2 diabetes patients. This high fiber food makes you feel full for a long time. The low glycemic score in particular is a bonus for diabetics. This means that by eating oatmeal, the amount of calories will be under control and the blood sugar level will not increase.

Opt for Sugar Free Cereals

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If chosen wisely, cereals are an instant and healthy breakfast. Instead of opting for more sugar and more carbs, read the label carefully and choose an option that is whole grain based, free of preservatives and hidden sugars in foods to prevent rapid rise in blood sugar level.

It is a bit difficult for people suffering from diabetes to opt for nutritious and delicious breakfast. But the healthy options mentioned here can help you manage your blood sugar level and give you good energy till lunch time.


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