Bride Accidentally Orders Just 200 Chicken Tenders For 200 Wedding Guests

Bride Accidentally Orders Just 200 Chicken Tenders For 200 Wedding Guests

Weddings are an expensive affair, with couples going to no end to celebrate their love for each other. From exclusive, custom-made wedding invitations to a curate gourmet menu – there is so much to plan for the special occasion. Food especially forms an intrinsic part of the wedding celebrations in India. However, imagine the surprise of wedding guests at an anonymous bridge and groom’s wedding when they were served just a single chicken tender each as wedding food! Yes, this bizarre story is real and it actually happened at a real wedding.

The ordeal was narrated on Reddit by user u/artsygirl in a long post on the sub-Reddit r/weddingshaming. The user did not personally experience the ‘wedding nightmare’ but said that she heard the details from the groom’s mother. Take a look at the post here.

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Here’s how the wedding worked out.

It all started when the bride chose the sister-in-law as her maid of honour. As is the custom, the maid of honour was expected to host a 3-day long bachelorette party. As she couldn’t afford it, she turned to her mother, that is the groom’s mother to sponsor the wedding.

On the day of the party, the bride asks her mother-in-law to be to pick up the food for the party, which was just 200 chicken tender pieces. Meanwhile, 200 guests had RSVP’ed for the wedding and all they had to eat was a chicken tender each along with an open bar and a wedding cake. They tried to organise some more food for the party, but the bride even then decided to be picky about the food and see the menu first.

Reddit users upvoted this post over 6.4k times. “Does the groom understand what his own mother is being put thru by his bride and her family? And if he does, why is he the groom still,” wrote one user while another said, “Anything planned this poorly isn’t going to go off well.”

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