Corona’s new variant like Delta dangerous! Can also take cured people in the grip – Study

 Corona's new variant like Delta dangerous!  Can also take cured people in the grip - Study

Covid’s Delta like Variant is Dangerous : The SARS-CoV-2 variant with properties similar to the delta variant of the corona virus can make the epidemic more severe. This information revealed by a new study raises a concern about the corona virus. In this study, it is being claimed that this new variant can spread the infection rapidly and can re-infect both the vaccine takers as well as people who have been infected with this virus before. The findings of this study have been published in the medical journal Cell. published Has been done. This study also indicates that the rapidly spreading variant may be more dangerous than the delta variant, which can partially trick the immune system. Let us tell you that the reason for the second wave of corona in India is considered to be Delta Variant.

Researcher at Harvard University’s TS Chan School of Public Health Mary Bushman According to, ‘So far the variants that escape the immune system have been identified with the Red Flag. The variant found in the study may be of the yellow flag, but it becomes severe when combined with increased proliferative capacity. The delta variant is also a variant with increased propagation capacity, which is known to cause a devastating second wave in India.

What is the plan?
Scientists also found that by wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance, the infection can be kept away to a great extent. Vaccination is also very effective in preventing the spread of infection. Significantly, many countries of the world are still seeing an increase in corona cases.

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Deaths are being recorded at a record level in many countries including America, Russia. A record 1,254 people died in Russia in the last 24 hours due to the epidemic, while 37,120 new cases have been reported.

New variant of Delta found in neighboring country of India
On November 19 in neighboring Sri Lanka, a new variant B.1.617.2.AY104 of the delta variant of Covid-19 was detected, which was the third mutated form of the corona virus that appeared in this country. form) is.

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The delta (b.1.617.2) form of SARS-CoV-2 is highly contagious and is the main reason behind the rapid increase in cases of infection worldwide and even on a large number of vaccinated populations. Effects are visible.

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