Covid vaccine vs new variants: Be careful, dangerous variants of Kovid are coming; The antibodies of the vaccine will also fail in front of them!

 Covid vaccine vs new variants: Be careful, dangerous variants of Kovid are coming;  The antibodies of the vaccine will also fail in front of them!

Scientist warns of deadly variants

It is known that recently the vaccine manufacturers of Modern Inc. have issued a warning to people around the world asking them to be careful. Because in the coming days, Corona can take an even more terrible form. Moderna’s Chief Scientific Officer Melissa Moore was heard saying that “as the virus spreads, it mutates very rapidly.

Guillaume Stewart-Jones, a scientist at Moderna Therapeutics Inc., said that Covid is going to give rise to new stress and there is a need to devise effective plans to deal with it.

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Debate continues over the effectiveness of the vaccine

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Scientists have given this warning at a time when companies like Moderna and Pfizer are manufacturing mRNA vaccine, which are said to be the most effective against the virus. However, it is long debated whether existing vaccines can provide protection against the virus only ‘to an extent’ and that booster shots may be needed to completely protect people from the risk of infection.

But are new variants of Covid really going to prop up? In such a situation, if even corona vaccines cannot guarantee us complete protection, then how will we be able to be safe?

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How do variants come about?

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According to scientific research, whenever there is a mutation or a change in the genetic code of a strain of virus, variants of the virus appear. It is the nature of the Covid virus to change symptoms in their appearance and they keep on changing their symptoms of mutation from time to time. However, some types of viruses can be genetically different and can cause very high severity for the patient.

RNA viruses such as SARS-COV-2 can also mutate and mutate more frequently than other viruses. According to experts, whenever a new variant is discovered, they have the ability to infect people very fast.

It is said that the virulent viruses are quite ‘smart’ and can easily cross even the antibodies present in the body and thus they damage the patient’s body badly.

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COVID-19 Vaccines vs Variants


It is being said that people being vaccinated in the current era do not guarantee protection for the coming Covid variants. One of the main reasons for this is that the mutant strain can easily cross the antibodies made by the vaccine in the body and due to this, nothing can be said about how effective the vaccine will be.

However, this is not entirely true. Newer variants of the corona virus may be smarter and more severe than earlier strains, but the vaccines we have may not be completely effective.

As some recent studies have shown, our immune system starts reacting immediately to getting the vaccine and this process has many components and thus its effect will not be easily reduced.

How worried should we be?

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Experts say that when we have been warned that there is a risk of new variants and mutations of Covid in the future, then vaccination should be done as soon as possible. Vaccination is one of the best ways to reduce exposure to the virus. Case studies have also shown that people with both doses have a lower risk of severe symptoms of Covid. For example, booster shots may also be offered to address future concerns.

This variant is dangerous

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), only one strain B.1.617.2 of the delta variant B.1.617 of the corona virus first found in India is now a cause for concern. Double mutants giving rise to severe symptoms in patients. The organization said that the rate of spread of infection in the remaining two variants of the delta variant is very low. Form B.1.617 was first found in India and these three forms are divided into B.1.617.1, B.1.617.2 and B.1.617.3.


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