Cycling reduces the risk of death of diabetic patients by 35 percent – research

Cycling reduces the risk of death of diabetic patients by 35 percent - research

Benefits of Cycling for Diabetic Patients: Some people consider cycling to be a pride in their pride, but you will be surprised to know how beneficial cycling can prove to be for health. Perhaps you know that many people ride bicycles because they have to control their increasing weight, but let us tell you that apart from reducing obesity and reducing weight, there are many health benefits.

Let us inform you that a publication published in JAMA International Medicine Report According to this, diabetes can be controlled to a great extent by cycling. Along with this, it is also effective in preventing several percent from cardiovascular diseases. Let us tell you that for the research, the team of researcher Mathias Ried-Larsen studied the health data of 7459 diabetic adults aged 55 to 56 years, from the year 1992 to the year. Important questions were asked about recorded health history, sociodemographic and lifestyle information in 10 Western European countries during 2000.

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Let us tell you that according to the information related to this research, in the survey conducted after 5 years of possible health check-up of those people, only 5423 out of total 7459 suffering from diabetes were able to be part of this study till the end. Let us inform that the final updated of this primary analysis was conducted on November 13, 2020. According to the information, by the end of the research, more than 1600 people had died.

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If we tell you the big things of this research of EPIC, according to the researchers, people who were doing regular cycling for more than 5 years, their risk of premature death was reduced by 35 percent. In this cohort study, it was found that the risk of death of people who cycle continuously is significantly reduced compared to those who do not cycle.

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