Diabetes Awareness: Priyanka Chopra’s husband Nick Jonas is dependent on family members due to this disease of his own, these are the symptoms in the body

Diabetes Awareness: Priyanka Chopra's husband Nick Jonas is dependent on family members due to this disease of his own, these are the symptoms in the body

The disease of diabetes is increasing rapidly due to wrong lifestyle and eating habits. It has affected millions of people around the world including celebrities. Although we know many celebrities who are battling diabetes, but Nick Jonas is one such celebrity who has been suffering from type 1 diabetes since the age of 13.

Now he has raised his voice to spread awareness about it. In a conversation, American singer, actor and Priyanka Chopra’s husband Jonas opens up about his diagnosis of diabetes and the symptoms he experienced. He has told that ‘the initial diagnosis has left him stunned. Over the years, he has now learned to manage the situation better and is enjoying a good quality of life.

In juvenile diabetes, medicine has to be taken for life-

Nick Jonas is suffering from type 1 diabetes. This is a condition in which the body’s pancreas produces little or no insulin. Diagnosing it at an early age is a genetic disorder. It is often referred to as juvenile diabetes. This is a chronic condition, due to which a person needs medication for the rest of his life.

Speaking about the same at a diabetes awareness program, 29-year-old Jonas said that being completely unaware of what was happening to him as a 13-year-old, he was being told that he had diabetes. They are also in danger of death. Nick Jonas says that ‘When I was first diagnosed with this disease, I was sitting in the hospital and was afraid of death. But honestly I was just learning how to manage this new thing’.

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Type 1 diabetes can be well managed


After co-founding a program called Beyond Type 1 to raise awareness, she adds that’s where it’s important to talk and be educated about the many symptoms, early signs, and care tips. At the same time, it is also helpful for people to see that diabetes can be well managed without limiting life. Jonas wants to serve as a role model for others.

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How to Manage Type 1 Diabetes


Since his public diagnosis, Jonas has spoken about his health, symptoms and management of the same. He continues to take the drug for Juvenile Diabetes. He has also told that in diabetes he has to keep an eye on carb, meal timing, blood sugar level. Medications and lifestyle changes are both essential aspects for the proper management of diabetes. Jonas says that, ‘Diabetes is a physical and emotional battle that needs to be supported’.

People with diabetes need more help and care

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While we talk about enough awareness, Jonas also feels that people with diabetes need a lot of help and care, along with lifestyle changes, as it is a condition that affects life. affects all parts of After battling the condition for nearly 16 years, Nick says he is heavily dependent on his wife Priyanka Chopra, brothers Joe and Kevin.

early symptoms of type 1 diabetes


Nick Jonas told about the early symptoms of type 1 diabetes that at the age of 13, he first lost weight rapidly with fatigue. Although diabetes affects people in different ways, it is important to be vigilant about its early signs. Symptoms include increased thirst, frequent urination, irritability, mood changes, increased appetite, and yeast infection.

Nick Jonas has openly talked about juvenile diabetes. This post of his can prove to be very helpful for people suffering from type-1 diabetes.

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Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

Friends and family are also affected by this disease

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Jonas says ‘there will be good days and there will be bad days. I think the mental and emotional health aspect of it is really important. I talk to my doctor and luckily I have great people and a great group of doctors around to help. The mental and emotional impact of this disease is not only on the patient but also on his friends, family members.


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