Diabetics And Covid: Coronavirus dissolves ‘poison’ in the body of diabetic patients, protect them with these easy ways

Diabetics And Covid: Coronavirus dissolves 'poison' in the body of diabetic patients, protect them with these easy ways

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The Covid epidemic is not limited to itself, but it also gives rise to other new diseases in the patient. As you know thousands of people are facing many problems like black fungus, happy hypoxia, psychotine storm, loss of smell, loss of test after recovering from covid. In the first wave of corona, people suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular problems became victims of severe symptoms of the virus. At that time elderly people were more vulnerable to the virus, while the second wave broke out as havoc for the youth. There are many people who did not have a history of diabetes, but after being hit by Covid, they became a patient of sugar.

According to experts, uncontrolled diabetes not only leads to severe symptoms of covid, but it can also increase the risk of bacterial and fungal infections. However, here we are giving you information about the risk of diabetes – covid, as well as telling easy ways to prevent it.
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diabetes and covid

The immune system of a person suffering from diabetes is already weak and after getting infected with Covid, it becomes very difficult for him to fight the virus. A covid patient with diabetes may take a longer time to recover and may also be at increased risk of other diseases.

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diabetic ketoacidosis

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Uncontrolled sugar levels of a covid patient with diabetes can increase the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis (frequent urination and thirst). This occurs when the level of acids called ketones in the patient’s blood increases and this can cause a medical emergency situation. Understand in simple language, if this happens, the patient may have to be admitted to the hospital.

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black fungus

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Covid 19 can cause mucormycosis in some patients with uncontrolled diabetes. In recent times, thousands of diabetic patients have come under the grip of black fungus. Not only this, apart from black fungus, diabetic patients can also be vulnerable to heart, respiratory problems and lung disease after recovering from Covid.


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Patients with diabetes are at higher risk of developing a more severe form of pneumonia since they have covid. Actually, due to the increased blood sugar level, they have difficulty in breathing, due to which the corona becomes more serious.

easy ways to prevent covid

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  • follow hand hygiene
  • avoiding touching surfaces when outside
  • Sanitizing contaminated surfaces such as door handles
  • Do not touch eyes, mouth and nose without washing hands
  • follow social distancing
  • Avoiding contact with sick people (those who have cough, fever)
  • sleep well everyday
  • Incorporating exercise and walking into your daily routine
  • Consuming immunity-boosting liquid foods
  • Monitoring and controlling blood sugar level
  • Taking medicines for diabetes on time


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