Disadvantages of Fruits: Fruits containing dangerous chemicals are being sold indiscriminately in the market, eating them without testing can lead to cancer risk!

Disadvantages of Fruits: Fruits containing dangerous chemicals are being sold indiscriminately in the market, eating them without testing can lead to cancer risk!

Artificial ripening of fruitsFruits are part of a healthy and light diet for all of us, which contain all the nutrients that are necessary for the development of our overall body. In the Corona era, everyone is emphasizing on eating fruits to get the amount of zinc, vitamins, protein and calcium. But are we really protecting our health through fruits? Because fruit vendors have started ripening them artificially by using dangerous chemicals. Often people buy fruits on the basis of appearance and this practice is going on for a long time.

Since chemicals are being used in most things now, therefore, the purchase of fruits in this way should be banned. If we still take fruits keeping in mind the complexion, then we compromise with our health, which can have harmful consequences. Therefore, before consuming any fruit, it is important to know the facts given below in this article about carbide and artificial ripening.
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How are fruits cooked artificially?

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Unsaturated hydrocarbons such as ethylene and acetylene are used to artificially ripen the fruit and give its attractive color. Even though these chemicals help to improve the cosmetic quality of the fruit, they do so at the cost of their organoleptic quality. In addition, when chemicals are used to improve the appearance of a food, much higher amounts are added than in traditional supplements.

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Carbide chemical is harmful to health

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According to experts, ethylene gas may not be harmful to our health in developing fruits, but eating fruits ripened with calcium carbide can cause many serious diseases. Calcium carbide is a toxic and highly dangerous, corrosive chemical. Fruits ripened with this chemical can cause many harmful effects to human health.

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Fruits become tasteless and toxic due to calcium carbide

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Fruits that are artificially ripened with carbide look similar to those naturally ripened naturally. However, their taste is not natural and this way you can check the quality of the fruit. Since the chemical enhances the external appearance of the fruit while the taste of the fruit from inside fades.

It also happens that the fruit appears ripe to you from outside, but remains green or raw after cutting. Excessive use of calcium carbide in most unripe fruits can make the fruit tasteless and sometimes even toxic.

Stomach related diseases are caused by chemical fruits

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Consuming fruits ripened with chemicals like calcium carbide can cause indigestion, vomiting problems, insomnia, from weakening memory to causing cancer. Carbide contains an alkaline substance, which has the ability to destroy the mucosal tissues inside the stomach. It can significantly disrupt intestinal functions

These problems can occur including cancer

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Apart from stomach related problems, calcium carbide also has the risk of causing cancer. It contains traces of phosphorus hydride and arsenic. By eating such fruits, you can deal with serious problems.

  • weakness
  • burning in chest and abdomen
  • eye irritation
  • difficulty swallowing food
  • sore throat
  • ulcers on the skin
  • cough
  • shortness of breath

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment.


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