Don’t gain weight even after eating a lot? Include these things in your diet and see the difference

 Don't gain weight even after eating a lot?  Include these things in your diet and see the difference

Weight Gain Tips : Weight gain in the body becomes a cause of many problems for people, while there is no shortage of people who are underweight and are troubled by their slim physique. You must have seen many such people in your life whose age keeps on increasing, but the body and weight remain the same. Let us tell you that according to age, the accumulation of fat in the body is a common process, but there are some people who, no matter how much they eat, their body does not feel it. His weight remains the same. If you are also troubled by your slim physique and are trying to make every effort to gain weight, then you must include these things in your diet. Experts say that to gain weight, you need to include protein well in your diet.

egg fund
Eating eggs can prove beneficial for weight gain. Eggs contain nutrients like protein, fat, calcium, iron, magnesium. It helps in fast weight gain. Along with eggs, you can also include mutton, chicken and fish in your diet. This will also prove to be effective in increasing your weight.

Raisins and Figs
According to health experts, a home remedy to increase weight is also that we should consume more and more dry fruits. But among these, the most effective beneficial are said to be raisins and figs. According to experts, soak raisins and figs in equal quantity and leave them overnight and eat them in the morning, it will help in increasing weight rapidly.

Potato has power
Simple looking potatoes are the easiest and cheapest way to gain weight by being a part of our daily diet. The highest amount of starch is found in potatoes. Apart from this, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc are also found in it.

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Carbohydrates and proteins in potatoes give instant power to the body by converting them into glucose and amino acids. Therefore, potatoes can be included in your diet for weight gain.

banana will work
‘If you feel hungry, fill your stomach, give strength in weakness. Banana is such a fruit that you get the courage to eat it immediately…’ If you want to increase weight, you can also include banana in your diet. A significant amount of fat and calories are found in bananas. If you want, you can eat milk banana. Apart from this, drinking banana shake can also prove to be very beneficial for those who want to gain weight.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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