Drink ‘Basil water’ on an empty stomach everyday, you will get rid of these problems

Drink 'Basil water' on an empty stomach everyday, you will get rid of these problems

Health Benefits of Tulsi Water: Tulsi is worshiped in our country. At the same time, due to the medicinal properties of Tulsi, it is also consumed. In fact, Tulsi is also worshiped in Hinduism and at the same time Tulsi proves to be a panacea for many diseases. Consuming Tulsi provides relief not only in cold and cough but also in digestive problems. But today we will tell you what are the benefits you can get by drinking basil water on an empty stomach every day.

Why is Tulsi special?
The body is detoxified by the consumption of basil leaves daily. Along with this, Tulsi also keeps the body temperature under control. At the same time, the consumption of basil leaves also reduces weight. Also, cholesterol does not increase. The decoction of turmeric and basil in monsoon not only strengthens immunity but also helps to overcome the problem of cold and sore throat. Consuming Tulsi on an empty stomach daily gives you relief from problems like abdominal pain and heaviness.

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Use basil in this way in stomach problems

If there is acidity in the stomach, then chew two to three basil leaves every day.
Drinking coconut water mixed with juice of basil leaves and lemon provides relief in stomachache.
Drinking basil mixed with tea or decoction gets rid of digestive problems and also provides relief in seasonal infections.
By including basil juice and leaves in the food, diseases can be kept away.

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Benefits of drinking Tulsi water every morning
Drinking tulsi water gives relief when you feel cold and sore throat.
Diabetic patients are also advised to drink basil water. Due to this the sugar level remains under control.
By drinking basil water regularly, the toxic substances come out of the body and the immune system is strengthened.
By drinking basil water, problems related to digestion remain away. The problem of constipation and loose motion is also relieved. Apart from this, the stomach is also fine.
Drink basil water every morning on an empty stomach. It is also very beneficial in fever. With this, viral infection can be avoided to a great extent.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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