Hair Fall In Summer? Eat These Foods To Prevent It

Hair Fall In Summer? Eat These Foods To Prevent It

Many of you may be experiencing sudden hair loss as soon as the temperatures starting soaring. If you can’t think of any other obvious reason, like stress, the transition in the weather to hot, sweaty days can be blamed. According to the British Journal of Dermatology, summer and fall are associated with a greater risk of hair loss. There are many factors in play within the body that dictate your hair health, your diet being the foremost one. What you eat is what shows on you, and it is not just your skin that is affected, it is your tresses too that get all its nutrition from the foods you eat. So, if you want to reverse the hair fall condition in summer, consider making your diet healthier by including foods that are a boon for the mane. 

Here Are 5 Summer Foods To Include In Your Diet For Hair Health: 

1. Mango 

We bet you didn’t know that eating mangoes could help you get beautiful hair too. The ‘king of fruits’ can give you your own crowning glory, with its high nutritional content. Vitamin A present in mangoes can moisturise your hair naturally, while Vitamin C and E, along with calcium and folate facilitate healthy growth. In fact, Pectin, found in mangoes is considered great for a healthy scalp. Here are different ways you can consume mangoes for good hair this season. 

2. Curd 

Don’t we all love to dig in a bowl of refrigerated yogurt in summer? It refreshes us instantly and now we know that it will help maintain the health of our hair too! Yogurt brims with protein which is a building block for hair follicles. Also present in yogurt is vitamin B5, which is known to stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Don’t like plain curd? Try these interesting curd recipes. 

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Fruits yogurt is a healthy and tasty dessert option. 

3. Berries 

Summer is the time to stock your fridge with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and all those tangy berries you like. And if you’ll know that these berries provide antioxidants and vitamin C to ward off hair damage, you’ll get them home sooner. Here is a guide to all the berries out there and their benefits. 

4. Watermelon 

Another summer-favourite fruit that not only hydrates us but also helps with weight loss due to its high water and low-calorie content. Another reason to add it in your summer grocery shopping list – for your hair! Dehydration can lead to hair thinning, and eventually, hair loss. Watermelon provides enough hydration not just for your body but for your hair too. 

5. Fish 

You all must already know it but let us reiterate that fish is one of the best foods for hair health. The Omega 3 fatty acids feed your fair and scalp cells, helping hair grow longer and stronger. Here are some easy fish recipes you can try. 

This summer, flaunt your gorgeous hair and stop worrying about hair loss. All you have to do is eat healthy yet delicious foods. 

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