Harmful chemicals may be on green-skinning vegetables, identify this way

Harmful chemicals may be on green-skinning vegetables, identify this way

Detecting Food Adulterants: Whether it is a doctor or an elderly person, everyone advises to eat green vegetables to maintain health. But like other food items, there is a lot of adulteration in vegetables too. Which can cause great harm instead of benefiting health. Actually, a chemical called malachite green is used on vegetables to make them look green and fresh. Which can give rise to many types of health problems. Even its side effects can raise the risk of cancer. In such a situation, the question comes to mind that how to identify the presence of this chemical on vegetables? So to overcome this problem of yours, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) ie Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has shared a video on its Twitter handle. This video explains how to identify the presence of malachite green chemical on vegetables. Let us know about it here also.

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Know what is Malachite Green

Malachite Green is a chemical used to make vegetables look green, fresh and shiny. To make the vegetables look fresh, profiteers dip the vegetables in a mixture of malachite green and then sell them. According to the information, this chemical is used as an anti-fungal and anti-protozoal drug as a parasitic killer. It is a carcinogenic chemical that promotes cancer-causing cells.

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How to identify malachite green on vegetables

To identify malachite green on vegetables, take a cotton ball i.e. cotton and soak it in liquid paraffin. Then rub this cotton on the outer surface of the vegetables for some time. If there is no change in the color of cotton then the vegetables are pure. But if the color of the cotton starts turning green, then it is a proof that malachite green has been used on the vegetables. Consuming these vegetables can prove to be harmful for health.

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