Heart health: Follow 6 easy ways to avoid heart attack, health will remain healthy; No side effects

 Heart health: Follow 6 easy ways to avoid heart attack, health will remain healthy;  No side effects

Heart Disease Prevention: The heart is one of the most important organs of our body which works until the human beating stops. All of us heart pumps 70 milliliters of blood in 1 minute and 7600 liters (2000 gallons) in 1 day. and pumps 200 million liters of blood in its lifetime. That’s why everyone takes special care of heart health. Many people have died due to heart attack in Covid. Keeping the heart healthy has become very important amid the increasing cases of corona.

Since uncontrolled blood pressure and a bad heart dominate the severe symptoms of COVID, it is very important for all of us to take care of our health during this time. Here we are telling you some easy ways to keep the heart healthy, which can reduce the risk of heart attack. (Photo Credits: istock by getty images)

reduce phone usage

We and you currently live in a digital world in which it is very difficult to find time for ourselves. But it is very important to detox yourself. By using digital devices, we are exposed to many other risks besides harming the eyes which have a negative impact on our health.

According to doctors, people who are constantly glued to their phones, or who check their phones every minute or so, are more prone to stress and poor cardiac markers than a person with better balance. Staying connected to mobile messages, social media feeds, emails or screens can also make you immobile. So free yourself from the digital world and learn to take time for yourself.

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Eat a nutritious antioxidant-rich diet

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A healthy, nutritious diet is beneficial to our health and maintains vital functioning. If you want your heart to function properly; So include foods rich in antioxidants, omega-3, fiber, protein in your diet, as they are rich in good cholesterol.

Make sure you include at least 2-3 servings of vegetables and fruits in your diet every day besides nuts, seeds, whole grains. Apart from this, drink sufficient amount of water. Even a cup of coffee a day can be great for your heart

walk every day

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There are many benefits of physical activity everyday and it keeps your heart healthy always. If you want to reduce the risk of sudden heart attack, then you should be physically active daily. To always be healthy, 30-45 minutes of exercise is necessary for all of us.

Some people can take the support of walk, while some can do cycling and cardio. Any type of exercise or activity keeps our heart rate up. According to doctors, heart-wrenching aerobic activities like running, cycling, jumping rope, swimming are also very helpful to keep the heart young.

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Maintain healthy BMI level


Obesity causes greater risk. So people who are obese should consider about weight loss. For this they need to be physically active, focus on diet. Everyone should strive to maintain a healthy BMI level for their age and health. Also reduce toxin food from your diet.

Keep checking blood sugar level

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It is important to check blood sugar levels as we age. Raised blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) can cause oxidative damage of the arteries and impede oxygen-rich blood flow. In addition, it can damage tissues and become a silent killer.

People with serious diseases like diabetes also have a higher risk of heart attack. So, take care of your health and keep monitoring blood sugar naturally for a healthy heart.

stop smoking and drinking

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If maintaining a healthy heart is top of your mind, then stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking increases the risk of developing heart failure, heart failure, heart attack and related diseases manifold. At the same time, alcohol causes liver damage.


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