Homemade Bun Maska Recipe: The Iconic Tea-Time Snack From Mumbai

Homemade Bun Maska Recipe: The Iconic Tea-Time Snack From Mumbai

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The bustling commercial capital of India, Mumbai has in store for us what we can call a brimming variety of street food on any given day. Otherwise world-famous for its vada pav, bhel puri, and pav bhaji, the streets of Mumbai don’t disappoint if you are looking for light and delicious tea-time snacks as well. The city has a wide range of old-world Iranian cafes tucked in narrow lanes and vintage buildings – and from these tiny Iranian café’s comes the classic and comforting Mumbai tea time snack called the Bun Maska. The soft and slightly sweet bun is slit in the middle and slathered with maska, a homemade butter mixture, dip these into kadak chai, and enjoy the feel of a classic Mumbai evening wherever you are.

Bun Maska is a perfect Mumbai tea-time snack

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Bun Maska was brought to Mumbai by Iranian families, however, the dish is now an important part of contemporary Mumbai cuisine. The bun maska-chai combination is an iconic one that all Mumbaikars swear by. They say the best way to enjoy Bun maska is by dipping it in hot steaming tea and taking a bite of that moist and soft portion while sipping on the tea. The contrasting flavors of sweet tea, slightly salty butter, luscious cream, and pillowy soft bread will fill your heart and pallet with a wholesome feeling. If you’ve ever wondered what a classic Mumbai evening would feel like, give this easy homemade bun maska a try to know.

How To Make Homemade Bun Maska l Homemade Bun Maska Recipe:

There can be two ways of making Bun maska, you can either make the soft and feathery buns from scratch or use the ones you can find in your nearest store. If you are a fan of homemade buns, here is a recipe that you can try.

Once you have the bun of your choice in hand, slit in the middle and keep it aside. In a bowl add butter, cream, and tutti fruit/raisins and mix well. Mix until everything is well combined and the butter mixture is fluffy. Apply this on the bun and sandwich them back together. Prepare a hot cup of tea and dunk away the deliciousness.

Click here for the detailed recipe for Bun Maska.

Try out this simple yet delicious tea time snack, let us know how it turns out in the comments below.


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