Hypertension: Bhagyashree told the indigenous recipe to reduce high blood pressure, know how ‘silent killer’ will be controlled immediately

Hypertension: Bhagyashree told the indigenous recipe to reduce high blood pressure, know how 'silent killer' will be controlled immediately

Cinnamon for high blood pressure: Bhagyashree had recently informed about the benefits of eating raw ladyfinger and has now mentioned the health benefits of cinnamon, an ayurvedic medicine that boosts immunity.

The actress has shared a video on her social account in which she is telling about the benefits of cinnamon while taking a walk in the garden. This post of Maine Pyar Kiya fame actress is becoming quite viral and thousands of people are thanking her for giving this information. Let us know why we should include cinnamon in our diet and what are its health benefits.

Include cinnamon in high blood pressure diet

In a video shared on Instagram, Bhagyashree explained that cinnamon can help lower your systolic blood pressure. Therefore people suffering from high blood pressure should include cinnamon in their diet to deal with its symptoms.

The actress also talked about high blood pressure and how she can deal with it with the help of cinnamon by knowing the symptoms of high blood pressure. In the condition of BP, the pressure of blood in the arteries of the body increases, due to which the heart has to exert a lot of pressure in pumping it.

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Hypertension has become the number one ‘killer’

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In the beginning of the video Bhagyashree says, ‘Hypertension is the number one killer today and all of us living in big cities struggle with stress all the time. So, what do we have to do? Well, try and be in nature. But here is a tip I am going to tell you for the beginners of high blood pressure. Further, Bhagyashree wrote in the caption, ‘Reduce your systolic pressure with this simple tip.’

Understand the benefits of cinnamon from Bhagyashree

how to consume cinnamon

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Giving information, the actress told that to reduce high blood pressure, take some cinnamon powder, mix it with honey and take it on an empty stomach in the morning and then monitor how your systolic pressure is decreasing.

How much cinnamon should be used

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To reduce high blood pressure, you have to take 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and then add the same amount of honey to it. You have to consume this paste daily in the morning.

Do not eat anything else for 30 minutes after eating it. In this way you will get better results than cinnamon. But keep in mind that its consumption in excess of this can also harm the body.


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