If there is a problem of lactose intolerance, then include these things in the diet, there will be no shortage of calcium and vitamins

If there is a problem of lactose intolerance, then include these things in the diet, there will be no shortage of calcium and vitamins

Lactose Intolerance: Calcium is considered one of the important minerals for our body to keep the body healthy. It not only makes the bones of our body strong, but also keeps our teeth healthy. It also works to prevent muscle contraction and blood clotting in our body. Apart from this, it is also very helpful in maintaining the heart rate. Apart from this, vitamin D is also an essential element in the body. Milk and milk products are considered to be the best food items to supply both of these but if you are suffering from the problem of lactose intolerance due to which you cannot consume milk and its products. So in this case there is no need to worry. Webmade According to this, there are many options that can supply calcium and vitamin D in the body. Let us know that by eating which things you can fulfill the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D in the body.

Figs and Raisins

If you consume four figs, then 70 mg calcium is supplied in your body. Apart from this, plenty of calcium is also found in raisins, blackberries and dried oranges.


Salmon fish and tuna are rich in calcium. Vitamin D is also high in both of these. In such a situation, if you cannot drink milk, then consume fish.

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Oats are rich in calcium. You can easily use it instead of milk. Half a cup of oats contains 200 mg of calcium.


Beans like rajma, white bean, soybean etc. are called the power house of calcium. You can soak it in water and eat it both in vegetable form.

Tea seeds

If you consume 2 tablespoons of chia seeds daily, then 179 mg of calcium is supplied. You can add chia seeds to smoothies and salads.

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soy milk

If you are allergic to diary products then you can consume soy milk. Let us tell you that a cup of soy milk contains 500 grams of calcium.


Tofu is also rich in calcium. If you eat half a cup of tofu, then the body gets 126 grams of calcium.


Broccoli is also rich in calcium. Apart from this, it also contains fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, C, K and folic acid.

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