If these symptoms appear after corona, then contact the doctor immediately – research

If these symptoms appear after corona, then contact the doctor immediately - research

Side Effects Of Coronavirus: A new research regarding the corona virus has revealed that if people who have been cured of it have respiratory problems, then do not take it lightly. According to scientists at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine, the corona virus can damage the lungs and even after the virus infection is over, a person who has recovered from it can have long shortness of breath, which can lead to a serious illness. can also take the form of

According to the report published in Amar Ujala newspaper, in their research, scientists say that after the corona report is negative, some people get breathlessness, persistent cough. In this case, contact the doctor immediately. Scientists claim that after corona, lung-related problems are a sign of serious and long-lasting disease.

sign of serious illness
Scientists at the University of Washington say that crores of people in the world have been cured of corona, but after recovering people are understanding that nothing will happen to us and they are not paying attention to health problems. Whereas long-lasting shortness of breath will be known for some time or years to come.

Antibody therapy not the final solution
Principal Researcher of the School of Medicine and Professor of Cell Biology. Hermann Seldin explains that vaccine, antiviral and antibody therapy is not the final solution in such cases.

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At the same time, another researcher Prof. Michael J. Holtzman also makes a similar claim. He says that recovering from corona does not mean complete recovery.

What did the research show?
In the research done after corona infection, it has come to the fore that after the infection is cured, the lungs are damaged. In tests done on rats, it was seen that the lungs are damaged after infection. It has been observed that due to the imbalance of IL-33 protein, phlegm starts forming in the lungs along with inflammation. Which is a sign of a long and serious illness.

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