If you are troubled by acidity, then follow these tips from experts

If you are troubled by acidity, then follow these tips from experts

Acidity troubling: Our eating habits, overeating, irregularity in sleep, all these reasons can lead to stomach related problems. Such as cramps and acidity. With a slight improvement in our lifestyle and eating habits, we can get rid of the problem of acidity. If the problem of acidity is not too serious, then it can also be cured with home remedies. Ayurvedacharya and Nutritionist Juhi Kapoor has suggested some such health tips, which we can include in our life to get rid of the problem of acidity. She says, ‘In most cases, the reason for acidity is poor lifestyle. If we sleep late, eat food from time to time, overeating, then we can become a victim of acidity problem.

According to the information, acidity occurs due to excessive secretion of acid in the gastric glands. Which is mostly due to eating highly spicy food or long gap between two meals.

With the help of these 3 foods, we can reduce the problem of acidity

Start your day with a banana, which in turn will “take away half your acidity worries”

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Seed of tulsi
Make it a habit! Drink at least 2 teaspoons of basil seeds soaked in a glass of water. Basil seeds are cooling in nature and help in reducing the problem of acidity. Juhi Kapoor says to avoid its consumption during periods and when there is a cold / cough.

coconut water
Nutritionist Juhi Kapoor says that drinking a glass of coconut water at 11 in the morning reduces the problem of acidity.

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Some lifestyle changes that can help reduce acidity.

– Small meals and regular meals
Avoid consuming too much protein
Eat non-vegetarian food only 2 to 3 times every week, not more than this
Do not leave grains in your daily diet
– Walk at least 100 steps after each mile
Try sitting in Vajrasana
Think positive, live in an atmosphere of happiness

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