Is Potato Milk the New Non-Dairy Alternative? Learn all about it

 Is Potato Milk the New Non-Dairy Alternative?  Learn all about it

Potato Milk : A unique information related to milk, which plays an important role in our daily diet, has come to the fore. You must have known that till now only the milk of cow-buffalo, sheep-goat or other animals has been used for a long time, whether it is for drinking or for making tea-coffee and any special dish. But over time other non-dairy alternatives to milk also came in the market like soya milk, almond milk, oats milk, cashew milk etc. Now one more name is going to be added to this list. This name is not of any grain or dryfruit, but of a vegetable. That too a vegetable that most people use every day in some form or the other. We are talking about potatoes and now milk made from potatoes is going to come in the market very soon.

Potato milk launched by Swedish company Veg of Lund under the brand ‘DUG’ has caught everyone’s attention. The company has brought it out in three flavors, which are Barista Potato, Original Potato and Unsweetened Potato.

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indian express news According to The Guardian, in an interview with ‘The Guardian’, Thomas Olander, CEO of Veg of Lund, has said that this drink is very durable, as it takes much longer to make one liter of potato milk than any other milk. Takes less resources. He further claimed that its production requires half as much land as oats and 56 times less land than almond milk.

what the experts say
However, nutritionist Aarushi Aggarwal said that this is not the first company to produce potato milk. Milk made from potatoes was first launched in 2015 by a company in the US and Canada. He told- The demand for options of dairy products is increasing. Therefore, everyone wants to know about this invention. Aloo milk is not only soy less, gluten free and sugar less but also a best replacement for dairy as it is similar to dairy milk.

How is potato milk made?
Nutritionist Aarushi Agarwal also tells about making milk from potatoes. Potato milk is made by boiling potatoes in hot water, then whisking it with rapeseed oil and other food items for calcium, pea protein and chicory fiber, he said. After this it is prepared with various vitamins and minerals.

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health benefits of potato milk
Nutritionist Aarushi Agarwal, while explaining the benefits of potato milk, says that potato milk is a good source of vitamin D and vitamin B12. He told the Indian Express, “It is rich in vitamins A, C, D, E and K as well as other important vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, calcium and iron. Which makes it nutritionally strong like cow’s milk.

He also told that it is sustainable and eco-friendly as it requires less water and land to produce. However, nutritionists also caution before advising the consumption of potato milk. He said that there is no evidence available to suggest this milk as a good substitute for diabetics, heart patients, high BP patients and people suffering from dyspepsia.

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