It is not advisable to eat raw onion mixed with lemon, it has many benefits.

It is not advisable to eat raw onion mixed with lemon, it has many benefits.

Health benefits of onion with lemon: Vegetable cannot be imagined without onion. in your country Onion It is so important that even the governments fall for it. Onion is used in many things. Onion is added to make any type of gravy. However, very few people have the habit of eating onions from above. According to health experts, onion is such a thing that many diseases can be avoided by including it in the daily diet. If lemon is mixed with onion, then its benefit is doubled. in onions allicin Sulfur compound like (allicin) is found, which is beneficial for the body. to onions fiber Of powerhouse It is also called (Powerhouse of Fiber). Onion is considered beneficial for weight loss.

ht According to the news, if it is eaten like a salad by adding lemon to the onion, then it has many benefits. Holistic Lifestyle Coach Luke Coutinho has shared on his Instagram page the many benefits of eating raw onions mixed with lemon. He has advised people that by consuming it before eating, it is helpful in many ways.

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Benefits of Onion and Lemon

Sharing a short video on Instagram, Coutinho said that adding lemon juice to onions before eating is a great starter. Onion boosts the digestive system. According to the study, onion contains prebiotic inulin and fructooligosaccharides, which increase the good bacteria in the stomach. This makes the immune system work properly. Onion can be eaten in many forms. It can be eaten in the form of salad, chutney, chaat, vegetable gravy. If you make a salad by mixing tomatoes with onions, then it becomes even better. Tomatoes contain a compound called lycopene which, along with onions, helps in the process of absorption of food.

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These people should not eat raw onion

Onion is not beneficial for everyone. Those who have acidity problem or flatulence problem or who have irritable bowel syndrome should not eat onions. This can make the problems worse.

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