Kapil Sharma, who made the world laugh, has suffered terrible pain and pricks, in the video he tells about his health condition

Kapil Sharma, who made the world laugh, has suffered terrible pain and pricks, in the video he tells about his health condition

Kapil Sharma who is considered to be the most talked about comedian in the country and also has a long fan following abroad. Sharma has always been in the news through his ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. This is the platform through which you not only know about the talented celebrities of the world, but also you can lighten your mood with Kapil’s comedian style here. You have all been well acquainted with the stories of Kapil’s comedy, but the comedian who made the world laugh himself has suffered pain and pricks. Yes, it is not us but Kapil Sharma himself has said this. These days a video of Kapil is going viral in which he is narrating his health condition, due to which he had to take his show off air once.

The risk of slip disc from the spine

Explain that the work of the spine or spinal cord is to carry the weight of the whole body. In such a situation, the problem arising in the spinal cord affects the mind as well as the body and you become helpless in a way. Apart from slip disc, this pain also increases the risk of many other diseases. Actually, when the spine is not correct, the weight of the body falls on the muscles and discs of the back, which causes slip disc. Spine injury occurs to those people whose muscles are weak because the weak muscles are not able to bear the weight.

Listen to Kapil Sharma’s problem

The show was off air due to suffering from pain.

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These days Kapil Sharma is in limelight not for the show but for one of his videos. In the video, he is referring to the incident when he had to take the show off air due to his health condition, due to which the audience was disappointed. In the viral video clip, Kapil is telling that in the meantime, he was suffering from severe spine pain. At that time he was also finding it difficult to stand, due to which he had to show off air. The comedian told that Kapil Sharma had this back pain for the first time in the year 2015 and at that time he was in America. In the meantime, after taking his treatment, the pain got cured but the problem could not be got rid of. After this, in January 2021, he again became a victim of pain.

Kapil narrated the pain of spine injury

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Kapil also explained its importance to the people by mentioning the symptoms of the spine in the video. Kapil told that ‘The issue of the spine is such that we speak and not in anything whether it is its backbone or its origin. So the example of this reed bone is given only because of this. If something happens in this, then everyone’s world remains or everything stops. Due to spine injury, there is a feeling of discomfort in behavior, the person is unable to get up from the bed. Doctors also say from above that lying down will lead to weight gain, so take a liquid diet. In such a situation, the patient’s tension increases even more and after eating salad, his problems double and increase. Sharma himself has faced the problem but the good thing is that Kapil is fine now and does all the work properly.


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