Laziness comes in working out, so burn calories while lying on the bed

Laziness comes in working out, so burn calories while lying on the bed

Calorie Burn Exercises On Bed: Exercising is very important for health. By exercising daily, your body parts will not only be strong, but many diseases will also be away. In such a situation, experts recommend that for better health, include yoga, exercise, walking etc. in your lifestyle, but if you do not want to go out and exercise every day and you feel lazy to work out in the morning, then your There are also some exercises that can diagnose your problem. Yes, you can also do this on your bed to keep the body healthy and maintain weight. Let us know which are the exercises that you can do in bed and burn calories.

1. cycling

To reduce the fat stored on the thigh, waist, belly leg, hips, you should do this exercise. To do this exercise, lie down straight and keep your hands under your head. Now straighten the legs by raising them slightly. Move both your legs like riding a bicycle. You do this 20 times upright and 20 times in reverse.

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2. Leg lift

You can strengthen the middle and lower part of the body with the help of this simple exercise. To do this, place the hands under the hips and raise your feet upwards. Take your feet between 60 and 90 degrees, but keep in mind that while bringing down, the feet should not touch the ground. You can do this process 20 to 25 times.

3. Knee Crunch

Knee crunch is a very useful exercise for women. To do this, keep the feet in the air and the hands straight in the front and rise from the front and do the marbles. If you are having trouble keeping your feet up, then you can take the support of a table or stool. Keep in mind that your eyes are facing towards the front. If you do this daily, then your abdominal muscles will become strong.

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