Lose weight fast: Ayurveda expert’s advice – If you want to reduce obesity, then swap these 8 habits

Lose weight fast: Ayurveda expert's advice - If you want to reduce obesity, then swap these 8 habits

We have seen that many people work hard to lose weight. Especially being very careful about exercise and diet. But still losing weight is a challenge for them. Because it requires dedication and consistency, which is not for everyone. But you should know that not only exercise and diet help you lose weight, some lifestyle factors can also be very effective.

If you are someone who is looking to lose weight fast, then you need to make some changes in your lifestyle. Ayurveda expert Dr. Diksa Bhavsar has given some such options on Instagram, which can act as a game changer in case of weight loss.

Which habits should be changed in the post of Dr. Diksha Bhavsar

Use jaggery instead of white sugar

for weight loss You must have heard many times about abstaining from sugar. this is true. Because white sugar does not contain calories, whereas jaggery is rich in nutrients. So make a habit of using jaggery instead of sugar in your food.

Drink hot water instead of cold water

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Cold water is their enemy for weight watchers. Therefore, those who are thinking of losing weight, they should start consuming hot water instead of cold water at the first time. Actually, hot water helps ignite your digestive fire and keeps it good. Not only this, it is also good for improving metabolism, as it is quite easy to digest.

Go to bed early instead of sleeping late at night

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While you sleep, your liver detoxifies, so sleeping late at night can take longer to lose weight. According to Ayurveda, if you want to lose weight very fast, then try to sleep before 10 pm.

Eat early, not late at night

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Metabolism slows down a lot after sunset. So eat dinner as early as possible and try not to make dinner too heavy. Eating late at night while losing weight can lead to weight gain. So make a habit of eating food before 8 o’clock in the night.

Eat fruits instead of fruit juice

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weight loss Those who depend on fruit juices should eat fruits instead. Because when you consume fruit juice, the fiber present in it is almost exhausted and due to being liquid, you drink it in more quantity. But when you chew the fruits, their digestion starts right in your mouth and the fiber is also retained. So according to Ayurveda, it is better to eat fresh fruits to lose weight than to drink fruit juice.

keep moving the body

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Many people think that walking 5000-10000 steps a day is enough to lose weight. but it’s not like that. Rather it is equally important to be active throughout the day. According to Ayurveda, moving the body maintains activity, flexibility and improves blood circulation.

exercise daily

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Exercising along with good sleep, stress management and healthy food choices is a good way to achieve sustainable weight loss. So keep yourself active. If you want, you can adopt methods like yoga, walking, jogging, cycling, HIIT and swimming.

Make the methods mentioned here a part of your lifestyle and then see how fast and healthy you will be able to lose weight.

It’s better to eat well than skip lunch

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to lose weight Don’t make the mistake of skipping lunch at all. Because 10 am to 2 pm is the best time to eat moderate to heavy meals. Metabolism is very good at this time. So it is better to skip lunch and eat good and healthy food in the afternoon.

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