Men’s Health in Covid: Kovid-19 infection also affecting men’s sex life, research reveals

Men's Health in Covid: Kovid-19 infection also affecting men's sex life, research reveals

ectile dysfunction in Covid: Corona virus has caused havoc in many countries around the world including India. The second wave of Covid is said to be more dangerous than the previous virus. The lungs of people affected by this virus are not only damaged but also badly affect other organs of the body. Even after virus recovery, many types of diseases are leaving in people. Covid’s patient is prone to black fungus, white fungus, happy hypoxia, cytokine storm to pneumonia.

Now another new problem is being heard about this disease. One of the recent studies found that COVID-19 can cause erectile dysfunction and affect fertility. In easy language, it is called impotence, due to which there is no erection during sex in the afflicted people. Let’s know how Correcta affects erectile dysfunction and what research says …
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How can impotence problem occur in a Covid patient

Scientists did a research on this when many people complained about recovery after recovery of COVID-19 erectile dysfunction. A recent research has also revealed that corona infection causes harm to the cardiovascular system.

This research has been done on men in Italy which showed that corona virus damaged the cardiovascular system of people. In such a situation, the blood vessels inside the body shrink (shrink) due to which the blood flow in the penis of the men stops and due to this they are facing problems like erectile dysfunction. Simply put, they are not able to have sex properly.

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Cases of erectile dysfunction in India

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A second study published in the World Journal of Men’s Health found that the corona virus remains present in the penis for a long time after the initial infection in men, thus causing erectile dysfunction.

Research has found that COVID-19 can cause endothelial cell dysfunction in men with erectile dysfunction. Many cases of erectile dysfunction have also been reported in India. However, no comprehensive research has been done on this so that it can provide accurate information about it that this problem is due to Covid infection itself.

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Covid-19 alone is not the cause of erectile dysfunction


Research also found that COVID-19 infection alone is not responsible for causing erectile dysfunction in men. Many people are seeing this problem due to more stress in epidemics, more concern about something, loneliness and financial struggles i.e. financial crisis. In this way, a person should also ensure that he keeps his mind balance right.

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Who are at risk of erectile dysfunction

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According to research, erectile dysfunction is higher in men with hypertension, heart disease and diabetes, in addition to those struggling with anxiety, stress and loneliness.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

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You can also treat this problem yourself. If you make a small change in your daily routine lifestyle, then erectile dysfunction can be avoided. This is possible only when you will be happy yourself and try to build a better relationship with your partner. You have to remove negativity from your life. A positive mindset can be helpful for you in this type of relationship.

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