Menstrual hygiene day: Do not trust these 6 rumors related to the period, know the truth behind it

Menstrual hygiene day: Do not trust these 6 rumors related to the period, know the truth behind it

Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day i.e. Menstrual Hygiene Day on Friday (May 28) worldwide. The reason behind celebrating this day is to create awareness among women about period hygiene. This special day was celebrated for the first time on May 28, 2014. Women are waving their dominance in every field, but there is still a great need for awareness in the country about the period.

It is still considered a taboo in many areas of India. Even in today’s modern era, people rely on many myths from the period and look at the emotions of women. However, today we tell you about some misleading myths and facts related to periods about which every woman needs to know.
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Trees should not touch plants during the period

Many people believe in the belief that if a woman’s umbrella falls on a tree during the period, it will dry up. However, this is not the case. In this cycle, women are most in need of taking care of themselves and their family members should also take care of this.

Women with menstruation are impure

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There is a glut of evils in the society and the feeling of being ‘impure’ should be removed. Those who discriminate against women during the period by believing such myths should be made aware of cultural taboo and rigid traditions.

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Women cannot bathe nor wash hair during the period

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Periods should encourage women to bathe daily as a hygiene. There is another myth among people that washing hair reduces the flow of menstrual bleeding, which is not the case. Hair washing has no effect on the period bleeding of women.

Bleeding is reduced with the use of pads or tampons.

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There is no such thing at all nor is there any evidence that the use of pads or tampons reduces the bleeding of women.

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Needs to kill bacteria on the pad

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Whenever women use pads of any company, they should make sure that they are clean and tidy. During the period, women are required to maintain cleanliness while using the pads.

Physical activity should be stopped during periods

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This is not necessarily the case in every case, because if someone is in more pain then they can rest. It is said that during periods, physical activity provides comfort to women and blood circulation is also right.


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