Methi for diabetes: sprouted fenugreek will control diabetes patient’s sugar level, know how much to eat

Methi for diabetes: sprouted fenugreek will control diabetes patient's sugar level, know how much to eat

The problem of diabetes is more dangerous than it appears in today’s era. Diabetes is one of the few diseases that does not have reverse gear. That is, if someone gets this disease then there is no way to get out of it. Rather, there are many reasons to be stuck in it, like our food stuff and lifestyle etc. In such a situation, if you have diabetes problem then you will have to try hard to control blood sugar. But if you want to control it easily then you can include fenugreek seeds in your food stuff.

In this, you have to eat sprouted fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seeds have been in use in Indian kitchens for centuries. At the same time, if you consume these seeds by sprouting, then their bitterness also goes away. It also improves diabetes and digestive function. Come, know about the method of sprouting fenugreek seeds and its benefits…

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Benefits of sprouted fenugreek seeds

  1. If you often fall ill due to the changing weather or because of eating something counterproductive, fenugreek seeds can also be beneficial for you. Fenugreek seeds have such antioxidant properties through which immunity is improved.
  2. After sprouting fenugreek seeds, they become soft and they are also very easy to digest.
  3. Experts tell about sprouted fenugreek seeds that through them, the speed of glucose in the blood starts to slow down. Because of which the blood sugar level does not rise suddenly.
  4. When you sprout fenugreek seeds, this process works to increase the amount of nutrients inside it.

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Method of sprouting fenugreek seeds

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  • For this, first of all you have to wash fenugreek seeds 4 to 5 times thoroughly with plain water.
  • Now soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and leave.
  • After this you remove its water the next morning and wash it again and tie it in a soft cloth.
  • And hang it in some right place.
  • Now the next morning you have to wash these seeds again and tie them in a cloth and hang them.
  • When you repeat this process for 5 days, fenugreek seeds will have sprouted.
  • Now green leaves will have come out from the fenugreek seeds, that is, they will have sprouted.
  • Keep in mind that it is mandatory to wash fenugreek seeds every day in the process.

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How to consume

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After sprouting, put these seeds in one of the boxes in which air cannot escape. You can consume them for a week. Now you can consume them by putting them inside a salad or a chaat. Add black pepper and salt to it and eat it.

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What quantity to consume

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Taking fenugreek seeds can reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. At least 5 grams of sprouted fenugreek daily can control the extra sugar level in the blood. The amino acid found in it increases insulin production in the body.


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