Milind Soman Fitness: 55-year-old Milind Soman does 60 pushups and 30 times ‘suryanamaskar’ in a minute, eats 3 Kg fruits every morning

Milind Soman Fitness: 55-year-old Milind Soman does 60 pushups and 30 times 'suryanamaskar' in a minute, eats 3 Kg fruits every morning

Actor and model Milind Somen is an example for those who consider themselves old after 50. This actor has no match in terms of fitness. By sharing his fitness workouts, fitness routine, diet on Instagram, he has motivated many people till now. Recently, he covered a distance of 420 kilometers in 8 days from Shivaji Park in Mumbai to the Statue of Unity in Gujarat, that too barefoot.

After 50 years, hardly anyone would think to do so, but well-known fitness freak Milind Somen could not live without sharing his wonderful experience on Instagram. According to him, whether the distance is 400 km, 100 m, it doesn’t matter, if anything matters, it’s just the effort. I tried and achieved my goal.

50 km distance covered even after weak immunity and fever

During a live conversation on Instagram with athlete Ayesha Bilmoria, she told that Unity was a good concept. Although I did not take any training for this and I was running 30 kms a week. I had a fever of 104 due to low immunity and mild symptoms of bronchitis during the run, but the recovery was so quick that I was able to get up again within 24 hours and run 50 kilometers a day. All this is possible only if you are adopting a healthy lifestyle regularly.

Milind Soman after running barefoot for 420 km

importance of race

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Running is very important in life. He said that many people run for physical and mental health, but I run for health and happiness. I run slowly, but cover a long distance. Stamina is a must for me to be able to cover the distance.

milind soman workout plan

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He also shared the secret of his workout in this live chat. He told that fitness should not mean biceps or triceps. Fitness means being able to do anything at any time. He told that I do micro workouts. Between 30 seconds to 3 minutes at a time.

And I work out for about 15-20 minutes a day. It takes me 7 minutes to do 30 Surya Namaskars daily. I do 60 pushups a minute and am pushing myself to come up to 62.

Milind Soman doing a handstand

Nothing is better than ghee and jaggery

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Even though Milind Somen abstains from sugar but does not give up eating ghee, jaggery, banana, mango. To say, all of these contain a good amount of sugar, because the body breaks all these down into glycogen, which is necessary for the body to function. He said that I think all these things are better for me. I love cashew nuts, so never forget to add them to khichdi.

Only healthy things on the dinner plate

Milind’s diet secret

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Looking at his diet, it seems that he does not follow strict rules for diet. He told that I never measure food, nor do I ever count calories. I have never followed any special diet in my life. I eat as much as I can eat.

I recently had a taste for chocolate like 7-8 years ago. The situation was such that I used to eat 1.25 kg of chocolate. But gradually I kept away from sugar in my diet, avoiding non-vegetarian food. Now vegetarian food is my priority. I eat non-vegetarian only for taste. One might not believe it, but I have 3 kg of fruit every morning. 5-6 mangoes, 6 bananas are included in my diet.

fitness tips for beginners

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  1. One needs to be regular for fitness.
  2. Whether running in a marathon or climbing a peak, comfort is very important.
  3. If you want to stop the rate of aging, then start it from the age of 25.
  4. Try to learn about yourself, your body, your mind, your feelings every day. Games and challenges help you a lot in your life.

This fitness formula of Milind Somen should be adopted by every person in his life. The passion shown in him for fitness even at the age of 55 is an example for every youth.


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