Missing Kashmir Vacations? Make Its Famous Street Food ‘Nadru Monje’ At Home

Missing Kashmir Vacations? Make Its Famous Street Food 'Nadru Monje' At Home

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This time of the year always has been a holiday season, with most of us packing our bags to rush to cooler regions to escape the scorching summer heat. Currently, all our vacation plans are on hold, and we can only revel in the memories of our visits to the snow-capped mountains of Kashmir. If you are missing the beautiful Kashmir a bit too much, why not bring some of the experience of the vacation home by cooking the signature food of the valley? Sounds good? We have the perfect recipe for you to try.

A visit to any region of India is incomplete without tasting its street food. Kashmir too boasts of many delicacies that citizens and tourists enjoy thoroughly at roadside food stalls. One such popular Kashmiri street food is Nadru Monje. ‘Nadru’ refers to lotus stems, so this dish is basically crispy fried lotus stem fritters, which is as common in Kashmir as potato fries in the rest of the country.

These pakodas can be found in every nook and corner of the region, and it obviously shows how delicious this crunchy delight must be. The best part is it is super easy to make at home. Just dredge the lotus stems in rice flour, seasoned with some common spices, and deep fry till golden brown. Remember to use fresh lotus stems for the perfect crunch and bags of flavour that this dish is known for.

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Kashmiri Nadru Monje Recipe:

Click here for the detailed recipe of Nadru Monje. Try this recipe and witness the wonder of Kashmir valley sitting in your home.

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