Monsoon increases the suffering of diabetes patients, keep these 7 things in mind at any cost

Monsoon increases the suffering of diabetes patients, keep these 7 things in mind at any cost

The monsoon season certainly gives relief from the sticky heat, but it also brings with it some diseases. From cold-cough to viral fever, there is a possibility of many infectious diseases in this season. Usually these conditions affect everyone, but a diabetic patient has to take more protection and precautions, especially in this season.

People with diabetes have weaker immunity than others due to high blood sugar levels, so they need special care. So, here we are telling some such tips, by adopting which you will be able to keep yourself healthy and safe in this season.

avoid eating out

In this season, a diabetic patient should be careful in eating and drinking. A small carelessness can lead to a major illness. Therefore, people suffering from diabetes should avoid outside food. This will help to avoid undercooked food. It is better to eat fresh home cooked food. This is the best and easiest way to avoid infection.

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Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly

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Although this rule applies to everyone, but it is very important for diabetics to wash every fruit and vegetable thoroughly before eating it. Soaking them in warm water with vinegar water or lemon juice will kill the bacteria.

avoid raw food

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Eating raw vegetables or raw food in this season is very harmful for a diabetic patient. Since microbes are most likely to live in raw vegetables, it’s best to steam or cook them before eating them.

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keep yourself dry

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If you have diabetes, you should avoid getting soaked in rain water too often. Try to wear dry clothes and shoes to keep yourself dry. To avoid complications associated with diabetic foot, always trying to keep the feet clean and dry is the best way to avoid infection. Apart from this, keeping the feet clean will help in preventing any internal nerve damage.

take care of cleanliness

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Monsoon brings with it many germs like bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is important to take care of cleanliness regularly. Keep your hands clean to avoid any infection. Diabetics should trim their nails, as this is where most germs accumulate, which increases the chances of spreading the infection.

drink a lot of water

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Doctors recommend that people with diabetes should drink as much water as possible during this season. Even if you are not doing any activity, keep yourself hydrated. Any carbonated drinks and packaged food should be avoided during monsoon. Due to the extra sugar, it is injurious to health. Instead, it is better to consume naturally made juice or coconut water at home.

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boost immunity

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Food and drinks that are rich in vitamins and other nutrients should be consumed during monsoon. This will naturally not only increase your immunity but will also work to make it stronger.

Follow the tips mentioned here to stay safe from any disease during the monsoon season. Especially in this season people facing diabetes should also keep checking their blood sugar level regularly.


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