New drug for breast cancer raised a ray of hope, treatment will be easy

New drug for breast cancer raised a ray of hope, treatment will be easy

Medicine for breast cancer patientsBreast cancer is a serious problem for the world. According to the World Health Organization, 23 lakh women underwent treatment for breast cancer in 2020, in which 6.85 lakh women died. PTI According to the news of the news, now a new research has been claimed that breast cancer can be easily treated with a drug made from one molecule. This research has raised a ray of hope in millions of women suffering from breast cancer. Actually, Indian-American scientists have claimed to have identified such a molecule. A drug made from this molecule can prove to be effective in the treatment of breast cancer. The new molecule is called ERX-11. It mimics a peptide or protein building block. Researchers claim that this molecule will block the estrogen receptor from being made. When this receptor starts binding with the estrogen hormone, cancer cells start spreading in the body.

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A boon for the patients on whom the current medicine does not work
Researchers claim that this molecule will make a first-class drug. The first category of medicine works in a special way. This medicine targets the protein, due to which the estrogen receptor is formed. This medicine is a ray of hope for those suffering from breast cancer whose body starts resisting the traditional medicine of breast cancer. Professor Ganesh Raj of the University of Texas told that it is fundamentally very unique, which controls the estrogen receptor. He said that out of all the treatments that are going on at present, this will prove to be the most effective. The researchers said that breast cancer is commonly tested to find out whether an increase in the estrogen receptor is necessary for the cancer to spread. In 80 percent of the cases, estrogen was found to be sensitive.

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New drug does not allow estrogen receptor to be made
Tamoxifen hormone therapy is used to treat this type of cancer. But tamoxifen does not work in one third of the patients. Professor Ganesh Raj says that the new compound is very effective. With this, the next category of patients will be treated. Conventional hormonal drugs such as tamoxifen block the binding of estrogen to the receptor in cancer cells. However, the estrogen receptor tends to change its form over time, causing the drug to become ineffective. After this the cancer cells start dividing again. That is, the tumor starts growing. The new drug has such an ability that it does not allow the estrogen receptor to be made. Most breast cancer cells start spreading due to the estrogen receptor.

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