Not only is Kejriwal a fan of Vipassana, it has many benefits, know everything about it

Not only is Kejriwal a fan of Vipassana, it has many benefits, know everything about it

Benefits of Vipassana: It is not surprising that Vipassana has become popular in the way of life style today and the way people’s health is deteriorating. Today everyone needs peace of mind. In these difficult circumstances, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is not only its admirer, but many eminent people from all over the world have made life meaningful through Vipassana. Simply put, Vipassana is a way to purify the mind and soul. But there is much more beyond this due to which Vipassana has become so popular today. It is the art of discovering oneself.

what is vipassana
Vipassana is a method of inner meditation, in which hard practice is done to balance the mind and soul. This leads to union of body and mind. Vipassana is considered by some to be a tradition started by Lord Buddha. Although it is also mentioned in Rigveda. Apart from this, Lord Krishna has also told the glory of Vipassana in the Gita. With the passage of time, this discipline had become extinct, but about 2500 years ago, Mahatma Buddha again discovered Vipassana and made people benefit from it. According to it, Vipassana is the oldest form of meditation. According to this, about 2500 years ago it was taught as a tradition of universal knowledge to eliminate all kinds of diseases and evils. It is also believed that Lord Buddha attained Buddhahood through Vipassana.

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This has to be done in Vipassana
Just understand that Vipassana is a 10-day meditation course. For this, one has to do hard meditation for 10 days in the camp at Vipassana centers. In this, the person meditating has to completely cut off contact with the outside world for 10 days. Have to stay in silence. Conversation is not allowed. Phone is also not allowed. According to, one has to find oneself in Vipassana meditation. It involves self introspection. It focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body in which physical sensations are felt through disciplined meditation.

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Asanas are taught for the first four days.
In the first three days, the seeker is made to sit in Sukhasan, Vajrasana or any posture. After this, he is taught to control his breath for three consecutive days. During this, it is taught to control the breath by focusing on both the nostrils. On the fourth day, the art of feeling the sensations occurring at the place of the mustache is taught.

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Hard practice from the fifth day
From the fifth day onwards one is taught the art of feeling sensations while passing one’s mind through each part of the body from head to toe and taking it inside the body. This sequence continues for three consecutive days. On the eighth day, the mind is said to pass through several parts of the body simultaneously and feel the sensations of those parts. On the ninth day, a stream of similar sensations is experienced simultaneously in the whole body and on the tenth day one is asked to pay attention to the sensations taking place in the inner parts of the body while moving the mind. During this, the art of concentrating on the sensations emanating from the spine is taught while moving one’s mind from the bottom up.

10 days camp is absolutely free
There is no cost to do Vipassana course. According to, the 10-day camp is absolutely free. In the camp itself, food, clothing, etc. are provided to those who meditate on Vipassana. There is no charge even for staying in the camp. All the expenses are met by the donations given by the people. Anyone can do this course.

Benefits of Vipassana
The person doing this is able to find solutions to problems by getting rid of stress and mental troubles in his life. In Vipassana, a perfect person can get rid of many disorders including attachment, fear, attachment, greed, malice.

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