Not only women, men have also started getting this disease, do not ignore if blood starts coming in the way of urine

Not only women, men have also started getting this disease, do not ignore if blood starts coming in the way of urine

There are many parts inside our body which perform their functions. One of them is the urinary tract. It works to remove urine from our body. In men, these parts are in their kidneys and kidneys. Along with this, there is also a bladder (uterus) and urethra. Let us tell you that the uterus is two tubes that carry urine from your kidneys to your bladder.

On the other hand, the urethra is a single tube that carries your urine through the bladder to the prostate and then to the end of the penis. In such a situation, whenever bad bacteria accumulate in your urinary tract, you become infected with it. Usually it is more in women than in men. But it is also seen in men.

Types of urinary tract infection

Doctors look at the urinary tract (UTI) in two ways. First upper and second lower. When you have an infection in your upper part, it is counted in the problem of kidney or urethra. At the same time, when there is a lower infection, it occurs in the prostate and bladder.

Symptoms of UTI

The symptoms of urinary tract infection depend on where you got the infection. Some of its symptoms are as follows.

  1. frequent urination
  2. Feeling like you have to pee all the time
  3. pain, burning, or discomfort after urinating
  4. pain in your lower abdomen
  5. urinate in bed
  6. smelly urine
  7. blood in urine
  8. fever and nervousness
  9. arm or upper back pain

Apart from this, some men do not show any symptoms of this infection.

Diagnosis of UTI

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Your doctor may ask you about your sexual history and symptoms to understand a urinary tract infection. Apart from this, the problem of UTI can also be detected through urine test.

But if the problem is related to the prostate, then you may also need to have an X-ray or ultrasound. So that your doctor can better understand your urinary tract.

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take antibiotics

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The doctor decides the course of treatment on the basis of your current condition. Antibiotics are usually given to people for UTI. It has to be taken for at least one week and maximum for 2 weeks. This also depends on the situation itself. In many cases antibiotics are given through an IV. However this is done in very few cases. Most people have to take only antibiotics.

Causes and Risks of UTI

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The most common cause of urinary tract UTI problem is a sexually transmitted disease. The two main causes are chlamydia and gonorrhea. Be aware that this problem is more in the youth and the reason for this is sexually transmitted diseases.

Apart from this, the problem of UTI can also be due to prostate problem. Usually this problem is seen in men only after one age. The reason for this condition is an enlarged prostate. This problem can block the flow of urine. Also, due to this, bacteria increase which can be a problem of UTI.

Infection can spread to kidney if left untreated

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If you do not treat the problem of UTI on time, then it can spread to your kidneys. After this the kidney is treated. However, in very rare cases, it takes the form of kidney-related diseases. But sometimes it can happen. This damages the kidney.

Chronic kidney disease can also lead to a blood infection called sepsis. In this problem, you feel more ill yourself and it becomes necessary to get treatment.

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How to prevent UTI

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You cannot prevent this problem from occurring. But if you take care of safety while establishing a relationship, then you can avoid communicable disease. This also reduces the risk of UTI itself. Apart from this, even if you get timely treatment of prostate problem, you can avoid the problem of UTI.


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