Now own immune system will kill cancer cells – Study

Now own immune system will kill cancer cells - Study

immune system kills cancer cells: If everything goes well, soon in the prevention of cancer, instead of painful chemotherapy, immune therapy will be given. Under this therapy, the patient’s own immune system will be able to eliminate cancer cells. Researchers from the University of Minnesota in the US have obtained important information in this regard. Actually, every organism has its own immune system, that is, its own immune system, which protects the body from external infections. But there are many such deadly diseases in which a weak immune system is not effective. Cancer is one such fatal disease. So far, cancer cells are tried to be eliminated through radiation or chemicals, but now cancer cells can be eliminated with immune therapy.

Engineering in immune cells
ScienceDaily According to the report, researchers from the University of Minnesota have found in their study that if engineering is done in immune cells i.e. disease immune cells, then these cells themselves will be helpful in fighting tumors. Simply put, the cells of the immune system will be reversed. This will enable the body’s immune system to eliminate cancer cells on its own. After this discovery of scientists, if this therapy lands on the ground, then lakhs of cancer patients will benefit. They will also get rid of the annoying treatment of radiation or chemical process. This study is published in the current issue of Nature Communications.

T cell will fight like a soldier
Researchers told that Cytotoxic T-cells are found in the white blood cells (WBC) present in the blood of the body. This T cell will be helpful in finding and destroying the invading cell. That is, the T cell will act like a soldier that will not allow cancer cells to flourish. Usually in the case of cancer, when the tumor becomes dense, it is not destroyed even with the help of radiation, but in immune therapy, T cells can also destroy the dense tumor.

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