Old age does not come quickly by drinking tea from the leaves of this tree, these diseases stay away; Ayurvedic Dr. told the benefits

 Old age does not come quickly by drinking tea from the leaves of this tree, these diseases stay away;  Ayurvedic Dr. told the benefits

Custard apple i.e. Sitaphal or Sharif which has started appearing a lot in the markets these days. This fruit comes for a very short time which has many health benefits. Sharifa will be the favorite fruit of many of you which looks hard on the outside but is very soft and pulpy inside. We have already given you information about the health benefits of this fruit and today we are discussing about the benefits of its leaves.

Yes, the leaves of the cilantro tree are equally beneficial as its fruit. Since this fruit is visible in the market only between September and October. But the leaves of its tree are always green, which is very beneficial for our health.

Ayurveda considers cilantro leaves as medicine

Dr. Sharad Kulkarni MS (Ayu),(Ph.D.) of Jeevottama Ayurveda Center, Bengaluru while talking to Navbharat Times.com explained about Custard Apple as being rich in antioxidants and minerals like calcium and potassium. The leaves are equally nutritious like the fruit. Dr. says that cilantro leaves are especially prized in Ayurveda for their health benefits.

Its leaves are often used for medicinal purposes. To get rid of any problem, custard apple leaves can be applied directly on the skin or can be drunk after making a decoction. Dr. Kulkarni says that drinking boiled leaves can provide relief from many problems. He has told all the benefits of these leaves.

controls sugar in the body

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Dr. Kulkarni explains that the fiber-rich cilantro leaves are known to slow down the absorption of sugar in our body and hence they help in keeping the blood sugar level under control. Because fiber is digested slowly and does not cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar level over time. So it supports the digest system better. For best results, boil 2-3 leaves of this in water and drink it every morning after filtering.

cilantro leaves are full of anti-aging properties

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Antioxidant-rich leaves protect your skin from sun damage and delay aging cells. Boiling the leaves in water daily in the morning and drinking it, your skin will always be soft and glowing. An herbal tea made from custard apple leaves can be consumed once a day.

Leaves are better for heart health

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The high amounts of potassium and magnesium present in these leaves are known to relax the heart muscle and thus, help prevent the risk of stroke and heart disease. Along with this, Doctor Kulkarni also tells that drinking its herbal tea keeps the body cool.

cilantro leaves increase body strength

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According to the doctor, boiling the leaves in half a cup of water and drinking it every morning boosts the metabolic rate and energy level. Drinking it makes you feel more energetic and powerful. Also, this drink helps in flushing out toxins from your body.

leaves heal wounds

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The juice of custard apple leaves can also be used to heal wounds, as it has anti-inflammatory properties and good feeling properties. Applying its juice reduces the pain in the wound area.


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