Parth Samthaan did a wonderful hand stand, the trainer told its tremendous benefits

Parth Samthaan did a wonderful hand stand, the trainer told its tremendous benefits

Body weight exercises are becoming quite popular among fitness enthusiasts. It is not only challenging but also exciting. Not only common people but TV actors are also including this exercise in their routine with priority. TV actor Parth Samathan’s trainer Vijay Menon has shared the post on Instagram. In which Parth is seen doing handstand.

The trainer has written that whether it is fitness, diet, work or daily life, a person should always challenge himself. But adding variety to your challenges is equally important to keep the momentum going. He also revealed how the trainer – trainee duo keeps the fitness game strong with handstands.

Learn how to do handstand from Parth Samthaan

Why you need to include handstand in your routine

The actor’s trainer Menon explains why there is a need to include handstand in his routine. An exercise like the handstand or wallstand works your core and improves balance while taking advantage of your increased blood circulation and lymph flow. During this, you have to engage your entire body using your shoulders, arms, core and back.

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Handstand is the best to strengthen the upper body

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The trainer explained that balancing on the arms can be quite tiring. But Parth is worth it. Handstand strengthens every muscle in your arms, shoulders and upper body. Therefore, it has been considered one of the beneficial exercises to strengthen the upper body.

what is handstand

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Handstand is a body weight exercise. According to experts, doing this exercise is very difficult. That’s why many people are afraid to do it. Before knowing its benefits, it is important to know how to do it safely. You should keep in mind that balance is very important for any pose that requires you to turn your body upside down.

This will reverse the blood flow in your body. Therefore, people suffering from spinal problems and high blood pressure should not do any inverted posture like handstand.

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how to do handstand

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  1. To do this, you take the support of a wall. This exercise should not be done without any supervision.
  2. Now keep your back against the wall.
  3. During this, your hands should be wide, open and firmly on the ground.
  4. Now start sticking one of your feet against the wall.
  5. Repeat this as much as you can with both legs.
  6. Gradually you will gain control over the stand of your hand.
  7. Now if you want, you can ask your trainer to slowly start moving your feet off the wall and then you can move away from the wall.

Things to keep in mind while doing handstand

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  • Pay attention to your body and try to balance the body.
  • It is important to keep your feet together. Keeping these separate will make it difficult for you to concentrate.
  • Always use core strength to build balance.
  • Never come down immediately, you may get hurt.
  • Never try this pose on a full stomach.
  • Do not sit or stand immediately.

The trainer recommends that if you are a beginner, then work on strength, stamina and body awareness before doing this pose.


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