People were stunned to see 66-year-old Pinky Roshan’s workout, Hrithik Roshan told ‘Best form of exercise’

People were stunned to see 66-year-old Pinky Roshan's workout, Hrithik Roshan told 'Best form of exercise'

Pinky Roshan, mother of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, makes a lot of headlines for her workouts. She shares her exercise videos on her social account every day. Sometimes she is seen sweating in the gym and sometimes she is seen doing water sports in the swimming pool. These days a video of 66-year-old Pinky Roshan is becoming quite viral in which she is taking attention of people through dance workouts with music. Seeing the fitness level of Pinky Roshan, her son Hrithik also got a fan.

Hrithik admires mother’s workout

Pinky has shared a video on Instagram in which she is giving competition to Hrithik through her dance moves. Pinky Roshan, seen in a sporty look, seems to be enjoying her workout session to the fullest. The film song ‘Na Kuch Tere Bus Mein Julie, Na Kuch Mere Bus Mein’ is playing in the background of the video.

Pinky Roshan has dedicated this exciting workout session for her husband Rakesh Roshan. Which he himself has also expressed in the caption. Hrithik wrote, ‘Best form of exercise, moving with music.’

Pinky Roshan’s dance and workout together

Pinky considers workout as entertainment

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Hrithik’s mother often prefers to do her workout sessions with old Hindi songs instead of English songs. Pinky has shared another video which she has dedicated for Rajesh Khanna. Pinky is seen cycling in the gym and the song ‘Mere Sapne Ki Rani Kab Aayegi Tu’ is playing in the background. Have worked in films.

Of course, if everyone like Pinky started treating workouts as an entertainment session, then we are all fit. Pinky is an inspiration to us and you through her passion.

Pinky’s style of exercise makes her special

Workout with music keeps the mood better

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A study published in Frontiers in Psychology found that ‘people prefer listening to music to improve their mood and self-awareness. Wouldn’t you say that if you are in a good mood you feel more motivated to do something?’ In such a situation, if you listen to music during exercise, then you become even more energetic. By working out with music, you don’t think about negative things and stay focused on your fitness goal. Because music elevates the mood.

Pinky is very serious about her fitness


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