Red eyes, do not take irritation lightly, may be conjunctivitis, these are also symptoms

There is a risk of eye infection in monsoon, follow these 5 tips to avoid

Conjunctivitis Symptoms: With the onset of monsoon, the biggest problem comes with eye infections. A large number of eye-infected patients come to the fore during the rainy season. Most cases of conjunctivitis are found in this season. Usually, we do not pay attention even when there is redness, burning, swelling in the eyes, but doing so can become a cause of big trouble. It can be avoided to a great extent by paying attention to it in the early stages of having trouble in the eyes.

This is how conjunctivitis happens
The conjunctiva present in the eye is made up of a thin layer of cells (membrane), which covers the inner surface of the eyelids and the white part of the eye. when conjunctiva is swollen
If it goes, then the small blood vessels or cells become more active. Because of this, trouble starts in the eyes and there is redness or pinkness in them which can last for 1 to 4 weeks.
Due to conjunctivitis, there are complaints of itching, allergies and burning in the eyes.

These are symptoms
– red eyes
– watery eyes
Stinging or trouble opening the eyes upon waking up in the morning
– Stinging like a pebble in the eye
Itching, burning and tension in the eyes
– Having trouble wearing contact lenses

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These are the types of conjunctivitis
Generally, conjunctivitis can be classified into two categories. The first category is allergic conjunctivitis, in which things to which the eyes are allergic, such as pollen or chlorine, cause itching in the eyes and burning sensation. Infectious conjunctivitis comes in the second category, in which infection occurs due to bacteria or virus.
of Indore Ophthalmologist and Surgeon Dr. Vivek Bhandari It is said that this infection occurs due to increase in moisture in the weather due to rain. One should not touch the eyes unnecessarily in this season. Avoid putting any kind of medicine in the eyes without medical advice. If possible, glasses or goggles should be kept on the eyes while leaving the house. According to Bhandari, conjunctivitis can be avoided in general by taking such precautions.

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Eye infection Conjunctivitis usually first infects one eye and then infects the other. In some cases, infection can occur in both the eyes simultaneously. When the disease is acute, the patient also feels like fever. In such a situation, there should not be any hesitation in consulting a doctor.

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