Scientists started trial of plague vaccine on the lines of Kovid vaccine

Scientists started trial of plague vaccine on the lines of Kovid vaccine

Vaccine For Plague: Scientists at Oxford University have developed a vaccine for the centuries-old disease plague. For this the first phase of trial has started. In this trial, 26-year-old Larissa, who is doing research at Oxford University, has also been vaccinated. In the first phase, 40 healthy individuals aged 18 to 55 years have been vaccinated. This vaccine has been manufactured on the same technology on which the Covid vaccine has been developed. The disease of plague tells a sad history. In the 13th century, half of the population in Europe was killed by plague. Even today, this disease affects people in Africa, Asia and America. In 2017, 171 people died in Madagascar due to plague. This is the reason why it was necessary to make a vaccine for the plague.

Side effects and ability to fight disease will be tested
If the patient is given antibiotics in the early stages after plague disease, then it can be correct, but in remote villages this is not possible due to lack of information. Later this disease becomes incurable. Vaccines can save many lives. In the first phase of the trial, it will be seen how the body behaves against the plague after taking the vaccine. During the trial, the side effects of the vaccine and how effective the antibodies made to fight the disease, will also be understood. Larissa, who is studying genetics at the University of Oxford, says that she is lucky that a vaccine was created in her life. He said, ‘When I came to know that a two thousand year old disease is being studied and a vaccine is being prepared against it, I did not hesitate to be a part of it.’ When asked if you are not afraid of side effects, Larissa said, ‘I don’t worry about it.’

What is plague and how does it spread?
Plague is caused by infection with the Yersinia pestis bacteria. The carrier of this disease is a rat. This infection is spread through the bite of a rat infected with the bacteria. Plague infection causes high fever, swollen lymph nodes, and shortness of breath. In some cases, there is also a complaint of blood coming from the mouth during cough. Without treatment, the patient dies. In addition to being bitten by an infected rat, being around or picking up on an infected animal can spread the infection. If it comes in contact with the saliva of an infected person, its infection can also spread to another healthy person.

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