Should diabetic patients eat desi ghee or not? Know what experts say

 Should diabetic patients eat desi ghee or not?  Know what experts say

Desi Ghee for Diabetic Patient : Diabetes is the worst result of a bad lifestyle. When our diet is not right, then the amount of sugar in our blood starts increasing, due to which diabetes occurs. One has to always be cautious about what to eat and what not to eat in diabetes. The sugar is to be taken less, the things in which the amount of sugar is there, they should also be consumed negligibly. Oil, spices etc. to be avoided, but what to do with desi ghee? Can I take desi in sugar?

only my health According to dot com, desi ghee contains healthy fats, which do not allow the nutrients present in your food to be destroyed. And due to this process, blood sugar level is controlled. The website has spoken to Dr. Smita Singh, a dietician at Wellness Diet Clinic, Lucknow on this subject.

Desi Ghee Better for Gut Hormones
Dietician Dr. Smita Singh says that diabetic patients can take desi ghee in food. But its quantity should not be exceeded. If you consume desi ghee in the limit, then it does not have any effect on diabetes. According to Dr. Smita Singh, eating ghee improves the functioning of gut hormones and improves gut hormone, insulin hormone, which keeps diabetes under control.

Cholesterol level will also be under control
According to Dr. Smita Singh, if you use desi ghee, then the cholesterol level will also be under control. According to many dieticians, the use of desi ghee is beneficial, while cooking oil harms our health. To control the blood sugar level, you should use desi ghee instead of refined or any kind of oil.

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desi ghee controls high blood sugar
According to dietician Dr Singh, fatty acids are present in ghee, which works to control high blood sugar, but you have to take special care that only cow’s ghee is eaten. Ghee is also beneficial for the digestive system. If you take the right amount of ghee daily, then you can get rid of the problem of constipation.

Reduced risk of heart diseases
Dr Singh further explains that the amount of vitamins is present in ghee and it also contains anti-oxidants which work to increase your immunity. Increasing immunity reduces the risk of diabetes and diabetes also remains under control by consuming ghee. If you are a diabetic patient then you will be more prone to heart disease, but desi ghee contains linoleic acid, which reduces the risk of heart diseases.

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Include desi ghee in your diet
Dietician Dr. Singh says in the report that if you have diabetes or are seeing symptoms of diabetes, then stop using cooking oil completely. If you use half a teaspoon of ghee instead of oil for paratha. If you are looking for a way to make paratha healthy, then you can dry roast the paratha and put half a teaspoon of ghee on it. On the other hand, you use ghee to cook the vegetables.

never do this
Diabetic patients should also avoid taking extra fat, like some people eat extra ghee in lentils from above, but if you are a diabetic patient, then avoid doing so. Of course, desi ghee is beneficial for our health, but do not consume too much of it, you should not consume more than two spoons of ghee in a day.

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