Shruti Haasan Cheats On Her Diet With White Chocolate Dessert

Shruti Haasan Cheats On Her Diet With White Chocolate Dessert

Shruti Haasan put on her chef’s hat this weekend. The South beauty, who is a self-professed foodie too, gave us a glimpse of her sweet treat. Shruti shared an Instagram video showing us the process of making the decadent white chocolate treats. The ingredients used were white chocolate blocks, cream cheese and some berries. She also added salt and vanilla extract to the mixture. The creamy dessert was poured into a cup and kept in the refrigerator. The last step was to serve it chilled. This white chocolate dessert is clearly by far one of the easiest recipes we must have stumbled upon. The caption read, “White chocolate weekend I forgot to shoot vanilla extract and a pinch of salt — cheat weekend mode on.” Take a look:

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While there are many fans of dark or brown chocolate desserts, white chocolate is equally tempting and often remains unattended. If you wonder what else you can turn this magical ingredient into, fret not. We have some amazing white chocolate dessert recipes which you can try out at home.

1. No Bake White Chocolate Cheesecake

Cheesecakes with white chocolate recently went viral on the Internet. The best part is that one does not need to have a microwave oven to make this piece of paradise. The rich key ingredients include shortbread biscuits, cream cheese, white chocolate and shortbread crumbs. Have a look.

2. Orange Pistachio White Chocolate Cremeux

The exotic-sounding sweetmeat comes in tricolour layers. The irresistible jar dessert has the tanginess of orange crush and the sweetness of white chocolate. The pistachios give it a quirky yet divine flavour. Wanna try?

3. White Chocolate And Lemon Sorbet

This dessert is super easy to make and can be a constant on your menu. All we need is melted white chocolate, milk, lemon juice and mint leaves to prepare this incredible dish. Here is the recipe.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of white chocolate just like Shruti Haasan and try these recipes today.


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