Summer Drink: Drink rose-petal chemical free juice in summer, former Miss World dietician explains 7 benefits of rose drink

Summer Drink: Drink rose-petal chemical free juice in summer, former Miss World dietician explains 7 benefits of rose drink

In the scorching heat of May and June, you can keep the heat outside the body cooler and cooler, but for internal cooling, you have to resort to a healthy drink. Although there are all kinds of healthy drinks that provide relief in the heat, but people often get bored by consuming the same type of drink. In such a situation, today we are telling you about a special traditional desi drink.

Celebrity dietician Namami Aggarwal has told about this drink. Dietician Summer has also given information about the benefits of its daily intake as well as the method of making drinks.
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real rose petal drink

You all must know about Rooh Afza. The most commonly found in summer is Sharbat Ruh Afza. People like this syrup made of rose petals. In the summer season, drinking and making Rooh Afza’s syrup causes the whole body to fall.

However, this is a marketed syrup, but if you get juice of real rose leaves, then you will enjoy twice as much. Dietician Namami Aggarwal has shared a healthy drink of the summer season on her social page which is made from rose leaves. He has also named this drink as Summer Rose drink.

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Dietician explained how to make summer everyday

Summer Rose Drink Ingredients


Desi rose leaves

1 Tsp Sabza Seeds Juice

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1 glass of water

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How to make summer rose drink


First of all, break the rose flower and wash it thoroughly in a vessel so that the dust gets out of the soil. Then pour it into the mixer and add a little water to it. After grinding the rose leaves in the grinder, keep the juice in a bowl. After this, take a glass of cold water.

Add Sabza seeds and lemon juice to it. Just your healthy drink is ready. If seen in real terms, this is the real juice of this desi rose and its benefits are equally good. Because this juice is chemical and sugar free which will give you many benefits.

Benefits of desi rose summer drink

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According to Dietician, this chemical of desi rose and sugar free is beneficial in many ways for your health.

  • Consuming this juice daily will give you a feeling of coolness in summer. By drinking in the morning you will feel energetic throughout the day.
  • Get rid of constipation problem.
  • Skin allergies due to heat will also benefit. That is, nails will not be acne.
  • Drinking it daily will make the face glow.
  • Hemoglobin is also appropriate with daily summer drinks.
  • There will be no problem of Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD). It is a female metabolic and endocrine disorder that affects hormone levels. The patient often suffers from lower abdominal pain, difficulty urinating, irregular periods, and hormonal imbalances due to polycystic ovary syndrome. Daily juice is beneficial for this.

You can make syrup in this way

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You can also add beetroot juice, basil leaves juice, peppermint juice, powdered small cardamom and sugar to it to test the summer drink and increase the nutrient content. This will also increase the taste of the drink and increase the benefits of the nutrient.


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